Schulz + Partner GmbH


Schulz+Partner Verfahrenstechnik GmbH is a process engineering company who develop systems and instruments for the treatment of industrial process liquids. As a competent and experienced thermal systems supplier, we design, implement and service installations for the production and processing of products for the chemical, pharmaceutical and food-processing industry and other industrial sectors.

Evaporation Plants

Industrial production processes inevitably lead to solutions and wastewaters that need to be dealt with in some way. We develop and implement plants for treating such liquids using thermal processes or special solutions. This allows optimising processes and recovering valuable substances, separating them from the real waste. The result is a clear economic gain. Our goal is to optimise your production and material flows using the most efficient separation technology, and so to close resource cycles. We supply all equipment/apparatus as well GMP, FDA and ATEX, FM or NEPSI compliant. Schulz+Partner joined the Ebner Group in 1997 and merged with the Swiss company Kuenzi ACS AG in 2003.

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