SciLabware - Custom Made Glassware: For any application that is outside of our current catalogue range we can help design and then manufacture the product you require. With one of the industry’s highest skilled team of glassblowers who are complimented by some of the most modern glass working equipment available you can be sure your product will always be manufactured to the highest quality.

SciLabware specialises in products fabricated from Pyrex borosilicate glass. This renowned material is the ideal choice for many applications, resistant to heat (up to 400°C) and to chemical corrosion from liquids and gases (including many acids and solvents).

SciLabware is proud to be able to offer a full spectrum of specialist glassware services: Glassblowing, lathe work, grinding and ground glass joints, moulding, shaping, cutting, glass sinters and filterware,calibration and graduation.

Glassware products can also be supplied screen printed with the customers own logo and message.

SciLabware also has extensive experience producing precision bore tubing, where the inside diameter is manufactured to very high tolerances. Standard Pyrex tubing is specially selected before being heat-shrunk on exceptionally accurate mandrels to give an ultra-high precision bore. A wide range of wall thickness and length are available together with various end finishes.

SciLabware can produce an extensive range of products which are not necessarily confined to the laboratory. We have been instrumental in helping develop glassware for projects from laser tubes for a laser optics company, to apothecary bottles for a pharmaceutical chemist, from viscometers for an oil company, to glassware for an innovative piece of cookery equipment. There countless other projects that we have undertaken to mention, but no matter how diverse the requirement the end product we produce is always of the highest quality.

Quickfit Laboratory Glassware: Ground glass jointed ware, precision manufactured with an accurate taper and smooth finish for leak-free performance and assured interchangeability. The Quickfit range comprises over 1200 products for the widest choice of assemblies.

Pyrex Laboratory Glassware: Over 800 products including borosilicate beakers, bottles, flasks, dishes and test tubes, all manufactured to the same exacting quality standards.

MBL Volumetric Glassware: MBL flasks, pipettes and burettes offer exceptional value for money and are ideal for general volumetric applications - unbeatable value, accuracy and performance.

Azlon Reusable Plastic Labware: Over 1200 reusable plastic products for a broad range of applications in the modern laboratory including bottles, wash bottles, measuring cylinders, jugs and beakers.

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