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SCL delivers consultancy, training and software to enable organisations to maximise benefit from their web presence and software applications.

Our solutions are delivered by a business-savvy team that is passionate about exceeding customer expectation in terms of our skills, our solutions and the quality of our results.

SCL is an authorised reseller for leading technologies and suppliers including SearchForce, Unica, Original Software, Empirix, Grammatech, Lattix, Oracle (including Sun Microsystems) and ICS.

Search Marketing

Bigger budgets? Aggressive competition?  Need more insight?
Managing paid search campaigns across Google, Yahoo! and Bing pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns is a growing challenge. Tracking your SEO efforts and cross channel marketing to understand their effect can require deep insight and analytical capability to attribute the desired outcome to the correct campaigns.

SCL's unique combination of 'best of breed' cross channel analysis centred around web analytics and pay-per-click bid management and optimisation will give you the insight you need to optimise your cross channel marketing efforts for your business goals.

Our pay-per-click solutions, using SearchForce Software, are designed to be used on the largest campaigns with the most demanding requirements.


Web Analytics

SCL provide a range of web analytics consultancy, web analytics training and web analytics software for on-line business professionals in marketing, sales and IT.

Software Licence or Service?
Our solutions provide hosted web analytics  or on-premise web analytics software for users who require flexible and extensible Web Analytics and reporting.

Flexible Analysis
Whether you are interested in analysing on-line marketing campaigns, streaming media, intranet usage or email campaigns, our solutions will scale with your needs.


User Experience Monitoring

Once an application is delivered it's sometimes easy to think that the testing process is over. In the traditional world of client server applications and desktop software it is easy to forgive this after the software has completed user acceptance tests. In the world of web applications and the internet the continual testing and monitoring of the application is vital to ensure the Quality of Experience of the end user.

Our approach is to combine the use of synthetic and real user transactions to monitor the applications. Synthetic transactions have the benefit of repeatability, so you know what you are measuring. Real user transactions can monitor every user event on the site to identify customer bottlenecks and missed revenue opportunities.

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Load Testing Services

LoadTEST Expert is a managed service that will help you to ensure the performance and capability of your website. SCL's accredited consultants will work with you to understand your specific testing objectives related to the requirements of your business, and then develop a performance test plan. Following this plan, our consultants will write, record, and execute multiple test scripts against the application. The software technology powering the LoadTEST Expert service, will produce load testing results that accurately reflect the condition of your Web site or Intranet application. Server-side activity can then be monitored in order to isolate bottlenecks in your system and validate your architecture, allowing you to deploy your Web application on schedule and with complete confidence.

Cost effectiveness
SCL can give you all the benefits of performance testing your web site without the cost to you of buying or renting expensive software licences and recruiting testing consultants. Tests from a few hundred users to the point your site breaks can be generated in a cost effective manner, in short and defined test windows that can be easily repeated. Our tests are executed across the internet from various point of presence across the globe, so that you get a true end-to-end test of your web infrastructure.

Performance Test Plan
Our consultants will develop the objectives of the performance test in cooperation with you and your team. You will be provided with an overview of the scripts to be used and a plan that clearly states all assumptions. This document serves as a guide for the whole engagement and is used as a framework for reporting the health of your web site.

Test Execution
Test scripts for key areas of the application and a scenario script simulating real-world system usage are professionally recorded and executed. This verifies that the tested load can be generated accurately on the system. In as little as a few hours the LoadTEST Expert service will deliver highly accurate results. By supporting the creation and modification of diagnostic scripts "on the fly" the software we use provides a fast flexible way to test your Web applications and generate reliable results. Moreover, the tests executed during the LoadTEST Expert test windows can be saved, forming repeatable test scenarios.

You will receive a full-scale report on the performance of your Web application, complete with charts and graphs of all critical load scenarios so you can measure the exact capacity and scalability of your web site. After the LoadTEST Expert testing engagement is complete you will have confidence in the performance, and reliability of your web site or web application.


Static Analysis

What is Static Analysis?
Static source code analysis refers to the analysis of the source code or object code used to build the software application without executing the application under test, which contrasts with run time or dynamic analysis where the analysis is performed on a executing application.

How can we help?
Static analysis software can help developers and software architects lower the cost of development of complex software applications. Often defects introduced during the development process are discovered much later in the release cycle, usually at the point of Functional Testing, System Testing or User Acceptance Testing, which can add significant cost to the development cost. Even worse, the defect may be shipped in software and devices that are installed on customer sites, with significant associated costs of fixes, patches or recalls. In many cases some defects might not manifest themselves for years, when the difficulty of fixing the problem is compounded by the likelihood that the developers who wrote the code have moved on. In the case of code that does not comply with the architectural design rules, the defect may manifest an incremental scope creep over time which results in higher maintenance and refactoring costs.


Developer Tools

SCL provides a range of software components, software tools, training and consultancy for software developers. These include GUI Builders for Motif developers, Qt and Motif widgets to enrich the functionality of your applications and source code porting services to migrate Unix and X Windows based applications to Windows.


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