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Here at Scorpion Automotive, we are the UKs leading supplier and manufacturer of mobile communication, including GPS vehicle tracking and vehicle security alarm systems for passenger cars and both light and heavy commercial cars.

We supply on a global scale, equipped with in-house design hardware and software in accordance with TS16949 standards.

Vehicle Security

Offering the latest Thatcham and insurance-approved technology, our wide range of vehicle security systems covers four product brands - Scorpion, Toad, Sigma and Sterling. They are all built to the strictest European standards using the latest innovative technology.

Our security systems range includes a collection of GSM interactive packages with the Sigma S30, S34 and the Toad AI606T2 security systems. All of these systems offer great functionality and legendary reliability to deliver the most advanced vehicle security systems on the market.

Vehicle Tracking

In addition to our broad collection of vehicle security systems, we can also offer a range of GSM vehicle tracking systems. Our stolen vehicle GPS tracking and recovery devices include the following features:

  • British designed and manufactured
  • Newest tracking system on the market|
  • Latest Thatcham approved product
  • Technologically advanced system
  • Developed with recovery rate busting performance in mind

Scorpion Remote Controls

Our remote controls are coded by our engineers at Scorpion Electro and are sent ready to use, no coding is required at the vehicle. We can accommodate numerous features into a remote control device ranging from how many buttons is has, whether the remote LED is red or green, or does the remote control have a slider switch.

Reversing Systems

Our system has a choice of two to four ultrasonic sensors fitted to the rear bumper of the vehicle. These reversing systems work to alert the driver when any objects are in the immediate vicinity. Models in the range include these few examples:

  • PS20 Rear 2 sensors + buzzer + 8ft cable
  • PS40 Rear 4 sensors + buzzer + 8ft cable
  • PS40D Rear 4 sensors + display + 8ft cable

Cruise Control

Our AP800 cruise control system is compatible with over 350 vehicles across 26 vehicle manufacturers. A broad range of plug and play T-harnesses are available in addition to a choice of three stalk options with the new two memory stalk. Our AP800 cruise control system comes with many optional accessories. For more details, please visit our website.

Central Door Locking Motors

For a full range of central door locking motors from Scorpion, we offer high quality products with a 24-month warranty. Our central door locking motors are also backed up with a fully equipped technical department and training facilities.

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