For 30 years, Screwshop has been supplying the DIY, hardware, architectural ironmongery, building & furniture manufacturing industries with specialist, high-quality products.

You can buy from us with absolute confidence. We offer excellent customer service and aim to turn around all orders within 24 hours regardless of size.

Twinthread Screws and Chipboard screws

The experts at Screwshop have put together an extensive range of quality products including:

  • Recess Twinthread Screws - designed for speed and accuracy for use with all types of wood
  • Chipboard Screws  not only for chipboard, these screws are also suitable for wood, sheet metal, PVC-u and MDF. Chipboard screws have deep threads up to their heads which means that you can also use them for wood.
  • Self Tapping Screws
  • Black Slotted Round Head Woodscrews
  • Black Pozi CSK Head Screws

We aim for next day delivery on all orders placed before 2.30pm.

Twinthread Screws and Chipboard screws

High Performance Screws

High performance screws are ideal for indoor or outdoor use. Whether you need them for hardwood, decking or MDF we can help. In addition, they can be used to fix wood to plastic and wood to sheet metal. As well as selling specific sizes our high performance screws are also available in selection kits.

High Performance Screws

Wallplugs and Plasterboard Fixings

If you’re attaching objects such as a cabinet or shelving to your walls you’ll need to use wall plugs as the plasterboard or mortar in the wall won’t allow a normal screw to gain purchase.

Wallplugs are designed to expand within your drilled holes, gripping the sides without damaging your walls and keeping the screws in place. They are available with or without screws.

Our range of wallplugs and plasterboard fixings includes:

  • Plastic Wall Plugs
  • Nylon Wall Plugs
  • GRIPIT Plasterboard Fixings (as seen on Dragons' Den)
  • Drill Bit Kits
Wallplugs and Plasterboard Fixings

Brass wood screws and Mirror screws

Because mirrors are often hung in bathrooms it’s important to use fixings that will not rust or spoil if they come into contact with water. Screwshop offer a range of brass and chrome on brass screws suitable for use wherever you decide to site your mirrors.

Our raised head and round head brass woodscrews can also be used to fit decorative hardware and door furniture.

  • Brass Slotted Wood Screws
  • Brass Pozi Wood Screws
  • Chrome on Brass Screws
  • Mirror Screws BZP
Brass wood screws and Mirror screws

Decking Screws and Drywall Screws

Decking and drywall screws need to be extremely durable and hardwearing.

Our twin threaded drywall screws are made of hardened carbon steel and are corrosion resistant. The twin threads allow for fast fixing of plasterboard and dry lining to timber frames.

Decking screws are weather resistant and have a green organic coating. We also offer stainless steel decking screws with an organic coating for 1000 hours salt spray resistance.

For extra holding power in all types of timber decking our timber landscape screws have an extremely coarse thread and an ACQ resistant exterior grade coating.

Decking Screws and Drywall Screws

NE Fasteners

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