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At Scribo Display, we specialize in offering a bespoke range of indoor and outdoor display solutions to retail spaces, exhibition, tradeshows, shopping malls, restaurants, coffee shops and to a variety of markets in the UK.

Our products are designed to let your business maintain proximity with customers at all times. We have an end-to-end display, advertising and branding solutions to suit each type of business.

We are engaged in supplying quality products at excellent value and offer genuine customer service from making an order through to getting the finished product just right.

Choose the right product for your business from more than 300 products on our website

Our solutions are easy to transport, affordable, eye-catching, durable and can be used over and over again.


What we offer:

Best Value: Unmatched display products at best value

Economical: Cost-effective display solutions for every industry

Better service: Reliable service to get the right product delivered to the right place at the right time

Product Categories:

Exhibition Stands

Our diverse range of portable exhibition stands is designed to give your business right exposure and grab the attention of potential customers in no time.

At Scribo, we ensure that you are offered the best possible display solution for your exhibition that meets your budget, business objectives and maximizes your presence in any exhibition setting.

Our portable exhibition stands will surely look fantastic and help you win customers. All products are high-quality, reliable and delivers a professional look.

If you're looking for display product for your next exhibition show, please feel free to browse through our extensive range of portable exhibition stands. We are confident you would like to know

what we offer!

Exhibition Stands

Pop-Up Banners

Make your next presentation or exhibition a complete success by selecting Pop-up Banners from Scribo. We provide a high-quality pop-up banner at affordable prices.

The display product helps to drive customers to your business, give maximum exposure to your brand and help you stand out from your rivals.

The Pop-up Magnetic are now available in Magnetic with options to choose from new colors. You can also select Fabric Premium available in Straight and Curved options. We also offer a mobile trolley with in-built wheels to carry the stand with ease.

Pop-Up Banners are available in sizes ranging from 1920x2240mm to 3870x2200mm.


Roller Banners

Scribo Display also provides a range of retractable Roller banners to suit every event and budget. Ideal for tradeshows, exhibitions, expos, restaurants, retail shops, and much more!

We provide an extensive range of Roller Banners that allows rapid change of graphics thanks to the rear view cassette feature, which itself contains the roller and graphic panel. The hardware of our banner stands are made of aluminium to give a great stability and stylish look.

The display solution are available in sizes ranging from 800x200mm to 2000x1700-3000mm.

If your business is looking to get noticed, then check out our roller banner product range that will help you achieve the professional look!

Roller Banners

Pavement Signs

Drive footfall to your business using Pavement Signs and A-boards from Scribo Display. We provide both single and double-sided display pavement solutions.

We provide the elegant and stylish Swingers in Poster & Panel options in various sizes. The EcoFlex outdoor displays are available in chalkboard panels, eco-friendly option and custom shaped aluminium.

We also provide various products under A-broad signs, including chalk A-boards,  double-sided snapframe poster, water-fillable signs, aluminium signs for vinyl graphics and more!

In addition, you can also check out our custom-shaped pavement signs on our website.

Our pavement signs are suitable for almost all types of outdoor displays.


Pavement Signs

Cafe Barriers


When your business is looking to boost branding, this display solutions can be used as a divider with eye-catching posters. Your company can easily change graphics in just a few minutes or update a promotional message. Requiring less time to set up, cafe barriers look great!

The cafe barriers are perfect for separating your company from neighboring businesses in order to get maximum attention from potential customers! It is available in a choice of materials including, Light Block PVC, Front-Lit PVC, Mesh PVC and Polyester Canvas.

Select the attractive, and innovative cafe barrier product from Scribo at an unbeatable price!


Cafe Barriers

Feather Flags

business is looking for an effective advertising solution, then opt for this display sign that lures customers to reach your business.

Your business can also use feather flags when promoting business at events. One of the greatest advantages of the display solution is they are visually attractive due to its moving feature and this helps your business grab instant attention of passers-by.

We offer Feather printed Flags in standard and polyester textile along with Wrap around pole Sleeve and Elastic black pole that are delivered depending on which printed flag you choose.

It is offered in small, medium and large sizes with heights ranging from 243mm to 4688mm.

Feather Flags

Exhibition Furniture

At Scribo, we offer an expanded range of elegant exhibition furniture that will enhance your presence at events and add value to your branded exhibitor space.

Additionally, your business can also personalize exhibition furniture to add that extra touch to your exhibition stand. Choose from a broad variety of furniture including stools, tables, chairs, benches, accessories, counters, and many more!

If you're interested to know more about what products we offer for exhibitions or tradeshows, visit our page now!

Light Boxes

lighting technology to bring the attention of customers immediately to your promotional materials.

We offer D-light, which is a single sided convex lightbox suitable for all poster sizes. If you're looking for both single and double-sided display opportunity, choose Edgelit XT, an extra thin LED snapframe available in A4, A3, A2, A1, 20” x 30”, 30” x 40”, 500 x 700mm and 700 x 1000mm sizes.

Another variant Freelight Plus is a cost-effective solution with an overall dimension measuring 648 x 256 x 226mm

Lightbox is energy-efficient, easy to transport, set up and cost-effective!

Light Boxes


The product can be used indoor, as well as outdoor in sizes ranging from A4 to A0. If you choose front-opening snapframes, its quick and easy to change posters. The panel display is available in white and grey plastic back depending on size and style.

Our snapframes products come in a variety of styles, including Standard, Security, Lockable, and Special.

Our standard snapframes in sizes ranging from 14mm to 46mm and in variety of colors, while you can choose between 25mm and 42mm Security Snapframes and 32mm Lockable Snapframe.



LED Chalkboards

displays brings attention of passersby whether its day or night, this product is ideal for bars, restaurants, cafes and shopping centers.

Write, Wipe and rewrite messages without any hassle! Once the message is ready, you can mount them on walls and be ready to receive rapid responses from potential customers.

You can choose either Gripchalkers with Grip action bases or Slatted Magnetic Board that makes easy to remove and re-arrange chalkboards. We have many more options available for you.

The product gives the flexibility to use different colors and each LED Chalkboard product is available in distinct sizes.

LED Chalkboards

Leaflet Holders

impression on clients as leaflets just enhances your professional look.

We offer a broad range of wall-mounted and free-standing leaflet holders in a variety of sizes and styles. They can be used indoor or at events, retail environments, tradeshows, and conferences.

From single to double-sided, our range of Brochure display units come in various sizes and styles like zig zag, hexagonal, small oval, large oval and more!

Get the best leaflet holder for your business at unbeatable price only from Scribo!


Leaflet Holders

Counter Tops

window-shoppers into your retail store, our beautiful, and elegant counter top displays are an excellent method.

From 820x900mm to 1060x102mm, counter tops are available in three styles.

If your business is seeking to make products more visible, catch attention of each patron, and generate impulse sales, Counter Tops are a great choice!


Counter Tops

Retail & POS Displays

competitors and attract more customers. To address these concerns, Scribo Display offers a distinct range of Retail & POS Displays that promises to maximize your brand impact and generate more interest from crowd.

Select from either a high quality Snapframes or Illuminated displays to suit your business objectives & see a rise in impulse purchases and boost in brand awareness

If your retail business is looking to promote a product, our point of sale displays can do the trick in a right way!


Display Stands

Looking to attract potential customers at an event? At Scribo Display, we offer Display Stands including brochure holders, poster displays or free standing display stands that come in assorted sizes and styles.

Whether you need display stand for retail space or event, we have the right display solution that matches with your brand and complements your marketing strategy.

Our display stands are portable, high-impact and gives your brand a professional look.

Display Stands

Teardrop Flags

Scribo Display is also a leading supplier of Teardrop flags ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

Ranging from 803x1990mm to 1157x4050mm, the flags are able to grab maximum attention from customers. We provide printed flags in ‘standard’ or ‘air-mesh’ polyester textile.

If your business is looking to create stellar impression at special events or want to promote indoor, teardrop flags are the perfect display solution. They help your business to stand out whether placed as a single or in groups.


Teardrop Flags

Flag Poles

Scribo is also one-stop source for providing flag poles for promotional needs in the UK.

When you decide to buy a flag pole, our expert team will help you to select a suitable pole as per your requirements and also provide assistance related to setting up the display solution.

Our aluminium flagpoles are available in 415mm and 540mm heights.

Flag Poles


Change the way your brand delivers promotional message & draws attention of visitors with Inflatable solutions only available at Scribo.

We provide AirTents, logos, mascots and product replica inflatables at affordable prices. These portable displays are really great at giving an edge to your brand over others and grab attention in a huge crowd.

Inflatables are creative, visually attractive and quick to pack & store. If you want your product to transform into a larger than life inflatable tool, then do not hesitate to contact Scribo Display for inflatables.

Awnings / Marquees

At Scribo Display, we also supply modern and unique Awnings / Marquees for promotional outdoor events. Stand out at events with our printed awnings and marquees.

Awnings from Scribo are available in varied styles and help you to enhance the beauty of any facade. Your business can choose from the most enchanting color combinations to amplify external space and they require minimum time to set up.

Whether you're promoting at gardens, beaches, parks or passages, Awnings/Marquees are an excellent way to bring life to any promotional event.

Fabric Displays

We also offer versatile Fabric Displays that your business can set up easily at the next exhibition, tradeshow, or expo.

Our fabric display system allow you to blend standard components to create an extraordinary, creative booth space at any outdoor event. The Fabric Displays are available in two variants – Straight and Curved.

The Fabric Premium Straight Displays are available in sizes ranging from 1490x2200mm to 3030x2200mm, while Fabric Premium Curved Display are available in sizes ranging from 1900x2200mm to 3870x2200mm.

Large Format Printing

Scribo Display offers large-format printing for both indoor and outdoor promotional materials.

For high quality posters, billboards, single or double-sided vinyl banners, we use the latest technology for precise printing and use print inks made with pure organic solvents.

Once products that are finished with printing, they can be easily exposed outdoors without the need to worry about its resilience.

Scribo Display supports large format printing for various materials including PVC, mesh, polypropylene, plexi and many others.

Free Standing Displays

If your retail business is looking to influence customer buying patterns, select Free Standing Displays from Scribo.

These display solutions allow you to boost brand awareness, drive sales and differentiate yourself from competitors.

Our Hi-Light Menustand is an LED freestanding display for A3 posters and when you want your content to be interactive, we offer iPad Lectern that are ideal for retail, showrooms, exhibitions and events.

We also provide Portland Menustand that height adjustable feature and can be used as a portrait or as a lanscape. You can also choose our flip-able Decorative Menustand in A3 and A4 sizes.

Free Standing Displays
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