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We are based in Clitheroe, in the North West of England. We supply our trade roof racks across the whole of the UK, recent local customers include Manchester, Bolton, Oldham, Stockport, Blackburn, Great Harwood, Accrington, Rossendale, Lancaster, Kendal, Leeds, Halifax, Bradford and Preston.

2015 saw 48 years of design & manufacture of our ‘Trade Rack’

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A friendly family firm of roof rack manufacturers, SDV Roof Racks (Clitheroe) Limited, also known as SDV Trade Racks and Clitheroe Roof Racks, designs and manufactures heavy duty galvanised commercial roof racks. These racks were the first of the type combining rope hooks and a ladder roller as standard.

Trade Roof Racks

Our best selling ‘builders’ roof rack is a flat bed rack with rope hooks all round, side pegs for loading against and a single half width ladder roller to the rear (on all racks except those for the lowest vans), and is the preferred & most suitable rack for the majority of the construction and allied trades.

All our builders’ racks are designed to take a 8’ x 4’ (2400 x 1200) sheet as a minimum. The racks are one piece, plus fixing brackets, fully welded, no awkward assembly, quick and easy to fit. Even racks over 12’ long (for the extra LWB vehicles) are only two pieces that simply bolt together!

Luggage and Mini-Bus Racks

Our luggage rack, or mini-bus rack, available for any vehicle in our range, is most popular with schools, colleges, youth groups, outdoor pursuits centres etc., as a mini bus rack. The luggage rack with the addition of a mesh base satisfies the needs of many who carry various smaller items. Alternatively the whole box shape can be lined with mesh, forming a basket rack. This is an ideal safari roof rack.

In most cases where we supply a luggage type rack, we are asked to provide a ladder. Either a fixed version, bolted to the back door, or a removable ladder that stows inside the vehicle. If these options don’t seem suitable, we are happy to discuss other customisations, we offer a personal service based on your needs.

Carpet Roof Racks

What are you carrying? – We can discuss your requirements

Full side rails are a feature of our carpet rack. These provide strong side supports for rolls of carpet/vinyl. We offer an optional roll width galvanised steel plate for smoother loading of carpet.

Side Racks

Our side rack (side frail) for carrying doors, windows, garage doors, glass etc. is now a popular product and has many repeat customers. These racks are of the same strong, durable construction as our galv roof racks and provide an excellent method of carrying window frames and doors when combined with an SDV Roof Rack.

Fixed Back Door Ladder

Back door or detachable ladders are also available for most vans.

Our standard builder’s type rack forms the basis of design for the majority of our roof racks, (traderacks), sometimes referred to as ladder racks or platform racks.


Roof racks can be adapted to suit many trades; we will aim to meet your requirements.


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Detachable Roof Ladder

An additional ladder roller can be ordered to give a full width roller to the rear on all but racks for the lowest vehicles.

Back door or detachable ladders are available for most vehicles.

We also supply lockable steel ladder clamps, ratchet straps, and Rhino pipe carriers

SDV Tuff - Bars

SDV Roof Racks Ltd has just begun production of a new modular bar system,SDV Tuff-Bars. Designed as an alternative to our full trade racks, this system will meet the needs of those who don't require the carrying capacity of a full roof rack. For more information please visit the Tuff-bars web site at

Ladder Roller

Back door or detachable ladders are available for most vehicles.we offer a personal service based on your needs.

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