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Natural ventilation has a wealth of benefits to help enhance indoor environments and significantly reduce CO2 emissions. Natural ventilation can also improve cost efficiency and are less costly then conventional HVAC systems.

Overall natural ventilation systems are more effective to install, run and maintain. With commercial energy use producing 50 percent of all carbon emissions, they provide a highly sustainable alternative.  

Smoke Control

We design and install an extensive range of systems integrating smoke control into smoke heat and exhaust ventilation systems. Suitable for any building, smoke control facilities are designed to help the safe escape of occupants in the event of a fire. They also aid in the early stages of fire control.

Fires are extremely costly and it is estimated fire causes a loss of £2.5 billion through property damage and human casualties. Our smoke controls mean you can protect building and occupants from the harmful effects of fire.

Window Automation

Window automation allows windows to be opened and closed automatically or with a rotary handle. They are installed with components fitted into the window to push and pull the window instead of it having to be manually opened and closed.

Our exceptional window automation can aid with smoke and natural ventilation systems and help lower the costs of ventilation solutions and lower your company's carbon footprint.


Our professional maintenance service means our customers benefit from our long-term dedication to projects. It is essential to maintain all fire systems in check especially after the Regulatory Reform came into force. It states owners, employers and managers responsible for safety measures in their premises.

Our maintenance services guarantee your systems continue to comply with all current guidelines and they perform as intended. Many of our systems and natural ventilation solutions could save lives so it is vital regular preventative maintenance is carried out. 

Manual Window Control

Manual window control is suited for high level and difficult to reach windows like skylights where they require safe and secure remote operation.

Our manual window control options can be incorporated into most window systems and window forms and can be bottom hung, top hung and side hung. They can be installed with central pivots and designed to integrate into sloping roof vents.

Smoke Ventilation Maintenance

The smoke ventilation system is part of the overall fire safety strategy and under the RRO the responsible person must ensure that equipment and devices are maintained in efficient working order and in good repair to safeguard the relevant persons within the building.

Drawing on 30 years experience and the latest technologies, SE Controls provide maintenance agreements that are unsurpassed in terms of quality and compliance.

The smoke control system provides a fundamental element of the fire strategy. It is essential that measures are taken to ensure its continued reliability in the event of a fire.

Maintenance is vital; by entering into a maintenance agreement you are fulfilling your obligation under the RRO and will ensure that your system performs as intended.

Maintenance and regular checks are required under the RRO and should be recorded within your log book.

As one of the UK’s largest smoke ventilation companies, many clients recognise the benefits of instructing SE Controls to both install and maintain their sites, providing continuity of service.

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

NVLogiQ constantly monitors indoor air quality, temperature and humidity in individual rooms or zones and users innovative algorithms to automatically control and operate windows, louvres and vents within a building’s natural ventilation (NV) system.

Capable of being used as a stand-alone controller or as a networked solution NVLogiQ includes integral data logging, enabling an NV system’s actual performance to be verified against the original design specification or for detailed post occupancy analysis.

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