Sealand Engineering (Keighley) Ltd


We mainly manufacture traditional valves in various grades of iron, steel and stainless steel; internal and external epoxy packing to offshore specifications. We custom design and fabricate made to measure wedge gate valves

Our customers are;

  • valve agents
  • merchants
  • sole suppliers
  • individual clients

seeking unusual or special valves. A typical Sealand valve will generally have one or more ’special’ features; It might be;

  • a non standard bore face
  • flange drilling
  • face to face
  • unusual trim
  • combination of these.

Our capabilities range from one off requirements to small batches and we have delivered individual products up to three tonnes in finished weight.

We offer:

  • Design, manufacture and delivery worldwide
  • Flexibility in meeting the customer’s bespoke requirements
  • Quality to international specifications
  • Competitive lead times often possible for urgent breakdown type circumstances - please enquire.


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