Sealants and Tools Direct Ltd

At Sealants and Tools Direct, we source and resell a fantastic range of silicone sealants suitable for a variety of purposes.

Our silicone sealants include:

  • Bath, kitchen & sanitary sealants
  • Cleanroom sanitary sealants
  • Intumescent sealants
  • Decorators caulk
  • Roof and gutter sealant
  • Polycarbonate plastic and upvc sealants
  • Sealant removal
  • Laminate and wood sealants
  • Brick and concrete sealant


We take care when sourcing leading makes of adhesives to suit a variety of tasks.

Our stock of adhesives and glues include:

  • Wood flooring adhesives
  • Marine, auto and specialist adhesives
  • Aquarium, vivarium and terrarium adhesives
  • Spray adhesives
  • Superglued and mixes adhesives
  • Plasterboard and coving adhesives

Expanding Foam

We stock an assortment of expanding foam products used by construction and window fitting companies.

Our expanding foam products include:

  • Everbuild expanding foam
  • Foam eater
  • Dual purpose foam & gun cleaner
  • Exact gap foam
  • No waste expanding foam
  • Everbuild pink grip dry fix plasterboard installation foam
Expanding Foam

Chemical Anchors

We supply a selection of chemical anchors available to purchase in bulk or in single quantities with next day delivery. Our chemical anchors include the anchor fix range of adhesives, guns, nozzles, and blow out pumps.

Chemical Anchors


Our stock includes products from a excellent range of well known and leading manufacturers. Our products are superb quality, value and include manufacturers such as Dow Corning, Geocel, Cornertape, Dr Schenk, and Ct1. Most of our products are supplied with data sheets to ensure you purchase the correct products for your requirements.


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