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PAT testers reduce the risk of electrical shock by detecting potential safety problems with electrical appliances before they occur.

A wide range of Seaward PAT testers is available‚ from basic pass/fail instruments that carry out fundamental safety checks to more advanced models with comprehensive PAT testing capabilities including some with Bluetooth technology and test data downloading capabilities.

  • PrimeTest 350
  • Supernova Elite
  • Europa Plus
  • PrimeTest 250
  • PrimeTest 100
  • PrimeTest 50
  • PrimeTest 350 PATSolutions Kit
  • Supernova Elite PATSolutions Kit
  • Europa Plus PATSolutions Kit
  • PrimeTest 250 Pat Testing Kit
  • PrimeTest 100 PAT Testing Kit
  • PrimeTest 50 Pat Testing Kit

PAT Testing

Portable appliance testing (PAT Testing) has become a fundamental requirement for maintaining electrical safety in the workplace.

Seaward’s comprehensive range of portable appliance testers (PAT Testers) and accessories are used widely in electrical equipment preventative maintenance programmes and enable users to verify the electrical safety of all types of appliances quickly and effectively.

  • PAT Testers and Kits - Seaward are the leading manufacturer of PAT testing equipment. These testers reduce the risk of electrical shock by detecting potential safety problems with electrical appliances before they occur.
  • PAT Testing Software - How PAT test results are recorded and managed can be an important factor in the implementation of effective workplace electrical safety testing programmes.
  • PAT Calibration Checkboxes - Ensuring the in-service accuracy and performance of PAT testing equipment is a fundamental requirement for those involved in electrical safety testing and is recommended by many electrical trade organisations.
  • PAT Testing Accessories - A wide variety of portable appliance testing accessories further extends the capability and versatility of the Seaward range of PAT testers.
PAT Testing

Electrical Safety Test Equipment

Electrical Safety Test Equipment from Seaward

Seaward has over 70 years experience in the design manufacture of market-leading electrical test equipment. Seaward’s unrivalled range of electrical test equipment serves a wide variety of safety testing and precision measurement applications. For 25 years Seaward has been developing market-defining portable appliance testers, software and accessories for the PAT testing market.

The Cropico and Clare ranges of precision instruments and industrial electrical test equipment bolster Seaward’s product offering and demonstrate the result of 70 years of technical expertise across a number of industries including manufacturing, utilities and aerospace.

The all-inclusive Seaward electrical test equipment range now encompasses:

  • PAT Testing Equipment
  • Installation Testing Equipment
  • Electrical Test Tools
  • High Voltage Testing Equipment
  • Industrial Testing and Measurement including:

Micro Ohmmeters
Hipot Testers
Resistance Standards and Decade Boxes

Electrical Safety Test Equipment

Solar from Seaward

Seaward’s Solar PV Test Equipment is one of the latest developments in the company’s long history of expertise and innovation. The Seaward Solar range bears all the hallmarks of Seaward’s high standards and attention to detail, and easily meets the requirements of IEC 62446 as well as many other national and international recommendations including the UK’s Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS).

In the last 75 years, Seaward have achieved an impressive array of world firsts in innovation. Most recently, the first automated PAT Tester with data logging facility, the first totally integrated installation tester and the original hand-held, battery-powered PAT Tester.

Solar from Seaward

Electrical Safety Testing Instrumentation

Seaward specialise in the manufacture of domestic and commercial electrical safety testing instrumentation and precision instruments for the measurement of low resistance and temperature.

Seaward’s vast range of test and measurement equipment encompasses the former Clare and Cropico brands and offers everything from portable appliance testers, to milliohmmeters, high voltage indicators and comprehensive hipot testers, all for use in a variety of industries including manufacturing, construction, education, utilities, aerospace, calibration and anywhere else where there is a requirement for electrical safety testing or precision resistance measurement.

  • PAT Testing Equipment
  • Installation Testing
  • Milliohmmeters & Microhmmeters
  • Clare Industrial Electrical Safety Testers
  • Temperature Measurement
  • Resistance Standards & Decades
  • High Voltage Testing
  • Electrical Test Tools
Electrical Safety Testing Instrumentation

Pat Testing Electrical Test Tools

In addition to its specialist electrical safety testers‚ Seaward provides a range of general purpose electrical test tools‚ testers and equipment used by electricians‚ electrical technicians‚ test engineers and industrial maintenance personnel.

These handy testers and accessories are a must for all electrical installation and engineering tool boxes, giving users the ability to deal immediately with a wide range of day to day electrical safety testing applications.

  • Voltage Detectors - Voltage testers are a staple requirement of the professional electrician’s toolkit.
  • Proving Units - Wherever electrical safety depends on the ability of a test instrument to indicate if a circuit is live or isolated‚ best practice demands that the test device is checked before and after use.
  • Discharge Units - Ensuring that electrical systems are safe to work on is a pre-requisite in a wide range of industrial maintenance and power sectors before maintenance or testing is undertaken.
Pat Testing Electrical Test Tools

PAT Testing Software

How PAT test results are recorded and managed can be an important factor in the implementation of effective workplace electrical safety testing programmes.

Seaward has made significant progress in the development of easy to use PAT results testing software programs that help users build and maintain efficient electrical safety test records - no matter how big or small the organisation may be.

Basic level Seaward PATGuard Pat Testing software enables even those using manual testers to set up computerised PAT records to ensure test data is stored efficiently and securely.

For more advanced users‚ more sophisticated PATGuard database systems enable PAT results to be collected and interrogated more thoroughly for highly efficient control and planning of electrical safety testing programme.

  • PAT Training Course DVD
  • PATGuard Elite SQL 2
  • PATGuard Elite 2
  • PATGuard Pro 2
  • PATGuard Lite 2
  • PATGuard Elements
  • PATGuard Time Manager 2
  • PATGuard Workabout 2
PAT Testing Software

Installation Testing

The 17th Edition of the IEE Wiring Regulations (BS7671) is the national standard to which all domestic‚ commercial and industrial fixed wiring installations must conform. Part P of the UK Building Regulations also requires certain safety testing and inspection requirements on certain domestic electrical installations.

To comply with these requirements electricians, need to be able to carry out a wide range of safety tests on fixed electrical wiring circuits and provide a formal Electrical Installation Certificate, together with a schedule of test results and inspections undertaken.

The Seaward installation test range is designed to enable electrical contractors to carry out electrical safety testing to the highest possible standards. Advanced multifunction electrical testers and application specific testers are available that combine ground breaking technology with practical design features for trouble free 17th Edition and Part P electrical testing.

Installation Testing

Multi Function Installation Testers and Kits

The Seaward range of multi function calibrators are designed for accurately simulating various sensor values such as temperature, voltage and current for calibration purposes. Electrical testers are increasingly becoming the preferred tools of the trade for those involved in 17th edition installation testing. 

  • PowerPlus 1557 - The PowerPlus 1557 is a multi function installation tester with a comprehensive range of fixed-wiring tests and built-in 17th edition certificates
  • PowerTest 1557 - The PowerTest 1557 is a multi function installation tester with integral probe, allowing the instrument to be held and the results to be read at the same time.
  • PowerPlus 1557 PowerSolutions Kit - This kit includes the advanced PowerPlus 1557 multifunction tester which completes built-in 17th edition certificates within the tester whilst tests are performed - avoiding the need for handwritten record.
Multi Function Installation Testers and Kits

Electrical Testing Software

The collection‚ storage and management of electrical installation test data is a fundamental requirement of 17th Edition inspection and testing.

Seaward’s PowerPlus PC and PowerGuard certification electrical testing software programs are designed to enable the fast and simple capture of installation test data either on-site or in the office.

Once the electrical test information has been captured‚ the electrical testing software programs make the production of test certificates easy and straightforward - by printing direct onto official paperwork or through conversion to electronic formats for ease of supply to clients.

Electrical Testing Software

Installation Calibration Checkboxes

Ensuring the in-service accuracy and performance of electrical installation testing equipment using a installation calibration checkbox is a fundamental requirement for busy electricians and is recommended by many electrical trade organisations.

Seaward’s special 17th Edition and Part P electrical instrumentation installation calibration checkboxes are designed to provide a fast and simple means of confirming that important electrical circuit test readings remain effective during those periods between formal re-calibration.

In doing so‚ not only do they ensure the correct functionality of the electrical testers‚ but they also help to avoid potential problems with non-compliance notices from test inspection authorities.

  • CheckBox 17 Plus - The CheckBox 17 Plus is a convenient installation instrument check point. It is a versatile compact instrument which is designed to provide a convenient installation calibration checkbox for installation test instruments.
  • PowerCheck 1557 - The PowerCheck 1557 is a comprehensive PAT Calibration and installation checkbox. It carries out ongoing performance checks to ensure accurate measurement between calibration intervals.
Installation Calibration Checkboxes

Solar PV Electrical Safety Test Solutions

Successful solar photovoltaic installation entails maximum ROI, optimum conversion of solar energy to electricity and operator safety for the lifetime of the array. This requires careful design to the highest of standards. Rigorous testing and reporting is the only way to demonstrate it.

With over 75 years’ experience at the cutting edge of electrical safety testing, our expertise and innovations have produced a number of world firsts.

Our Solar PV range helps designers and installers meet IEC 62446 and international standards quickly and easily.

Solar PV Electrical Safety Test Solutions

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