Seba Developments Ltd

Seba Developments Ltd., since 1978, have designed, manufactured and stocked Electric Process Heating Equipment with temperatures to 650C (1200F) and operates a quality control system to BS EN IS0 9000.

Product Range;
  • Wax and Plastic Melt Systems
  • Lost wax casting wax melters
  • Wax Pellet Feeders
  • Hotplates and Hot Tables
  • Centrigual Casting equipment
  • Short, Medium and Long wave radient panels
  • Heating Elements, rod, strip, ceramic and cartridge
  • Lead Meleters Low melt point alloy melters
  • Tinning Baths,  Tilting meleters,  Zinc melters
  • Air Heaters
  • Infrared Heaters
  • Ovens,  Trolley Loading,  Box top loading, Conveyor air recirculation
  • Wax pumps
  • Tin and lead pumps
  • Hot knives
  • Glue Pots
  • Hyraulic Presses
  • Vulcanising Presses
  • Solder pots and baths
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