Secomak Ltd


Secomak Ltd work to three core company values: design, development and delivery which build an ethos of simplicity, efficiency and effectiveness within the company. In turn, these principles and reflect the service and support provided by a highly reputable engineering team.

Secomak Ltd have been engineers of air movement applications for over 80 years, and produce a range of fans, heaters, blowers, air knives and gas boosters for use in the general industry. Secomak has expanded and grown into other products and services including shrink tunnels, military communciations systems, compressed air components, drying systems and latex testing equipment. 


Secomak Ltd has over 80 years of experience in designing specific solutions for a range of industrial issues. Secomak work with the customers to design a solution to suit each individual application problem.

Secomak help our customers to work towards reducing unnecessary energy consumption by design energy efficient and effective products.


Secomak work with our customer to identify the problem and develop an effective solution. Secomak have testing facilities, both in house and at our dedicated drying centre housed at the University of Hertfordshire.

This purpose-built facility has a fully functional production line with high speed cameras and measuring equipment, allowing the simulation of customer production lines to certify that Secomak develop the most effective solution.


The third stage of the Secomak philosophy is to deliver. We ensure to provide a high level of service throughout the entire project, and continue to provide after sales support. Providing commissioning and installation experts with the same level of technical expertise that Secomak customers have come to expect from all of our staff. 

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