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Secure Retail provides secure chip and PIN payment solutions to meet all your business, retail and banking needs.

Managing the logistics of your secure payment devices, whether fixed, mobile, attended or unattended is an essential component in the prevention of fraud. Using Secure Retail means that you can have complete traceability on your estate and experience the best service levels in the supply and management of chip and PIN devices to the retail and hospitality sectors.

Attended Payment Terminals

No other company provides a more comprehensive application portfolio of products and services for your chip and PIN payment estate. The product range stocked, extends from PIN pads to wireless terminals utilising either WiFi, Bluetooth or GPRS technology, along with contactless technology options.

Unattended Payment Solutions

Whatever the application, environment or challenges, unattended payment terminals can reduce cost, increase efficiency. Secure Retail have the experience, product range and industry leading specialist expertise to help you identify a robust, secure solution for your self service payment needs. We can also advise on the products required for semi-attended kiosk solutions. 

Physical Security on Terminals, PCs and Screens

Whether its data privacys on screen or physical, visible protection for PIN pads and payment terminals, Secure Retail can provide you with an effective security solution to minimise your exposure.

Rugged Handheld Terminals

Indoors or outdoors, these light weight robust handheld terminals will make your people more effective using more efficient data capture and management.

Communications and Access

Whether it's secure, real-time access and wireless communications using our robust high reliability routers or physical access and tracking using biometrics technology; Secure Retail have the answers.

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