Security Drivers International Ltd


We can provide you with a highly-qualified security driver who will get you to your destination safely and on time. All of our drivers are former police officers who have had the privilege of providing security escorts for Royalty, government and prime ministers as we train at Home Office-approved police driving schools. We value your safety and have our vehicles fitted with cameras, tracking systems and have emergency procedures in place in the event of any criminal intent.

VIP Anti Hijack Driver

We provide VIP protection and VIP security drivers to protect your assets or personnel to the highest level. Our VIP security drivers offer expert and professional services you can trust. We were established in London, England in 1995 and we are the experts to contact when you need to transport valuable assets or VIPs by road within the UK and Europe.

Secure Transport Services

Due to the very nature of our secure transport services, we take the protection of your assets and people very seriously. As renowned experts, all our security drivers are qualified, certified and extremely professional.

The skills they posses were gained on specialist driving courses, only awarded to the most highly qualified drivers and undertaken at Home Office-approved police driving schools. Once qualified, our drivers have had Royalty, prime ministers, government and foreign dignitaries under their care.

Our secure transport services include:

  • Real time monitored tracking systems fitted to all of our vehicles including geo fencing
  • Monitored worldwide tracking systems for your personnel when required
  • Cameras fitted to each convoy vehicle to record the entire journey
  • Standard operating procedures followed in consultation with each client to ensure the correct response to any criminal intent

Asset Protection Services

Security Drivers International are qualified and certified experts in Asset Security and take the protection of your assets very seriously. Our drivers have qualified on specialist driving courses at Home Office Approved Police driving schools and know exactly what is required to ensure the maximum security of your assets.

For more information on our Asset Protection Services, please visit our website or give us a call today.

Chauffeur Franchise

We offer the opportunity for you to rebrand or start up a chauffeur franchise under our name. As long as you meet our minimum requirements, we can provide you with the relevant training and advice you need to run your own business. If you would like more information on our chauffeur franchise opportunities, please contact our experts who will be happy to advise you.

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