Seilfabrik Ullmann GmbH


Ropes for water sports
Our high-performance watersports ropes give you the edge - in sailing, windsurfing or motor-boating. Our ropes, sheet rope, latches and nets are optimised in both function and material to your specific activity, which lends them exceptional performance characteristics.

Construction and industrial products
However diverse your requirements, when it comes to ropes, straps and nets as well as cables and chains including all accessories, our services can meet all your needs. Wherever there is a possibility, our intelligent solutions will make your work easier. An example is our greening net, in which the grass seeds are integrated into the rope.

Intelligent rope systems without borders
You will also find the right rope, belts and nets for all manner of other applications, such as for keeping animals, as well as for fire brigades, paragliders, robots and much more. And if you don't find the product you need, we will be happy to develop an intelligent solution to your specifications that meets your needs as closely as possible.

Playground equipment/nets in long-life Usacord rigging. As kind to the skin as hemp; as tough as steel. Rotatable climbing towers, climbing pyramids and nest swings.

Leading the field in research and development
If you are seeking new product development or solutions to specific problems, you have come to the right place. Our research department has the edge on knowledge, while decades of experience and our customer-orientated, modern production facility provide a solid foundation - and have done so for over 80 years.

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