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Selectronix Onboard Ltd are a specialist connector distributor and cable assembly manufacturer.  Our area of expertise is waterproof connectors for outdoor or harsh environments.

Our products include: Waterproof Connectors, Enclosures, Connectors and Cable Assemblies

Waterproof Connectors

We are the longest serving UK distributor for Amphenol LTW, providing waterproof RJ45, waterproof USB, waterproof circular, waterproof electrical, waterproof M12, waterproof vent, waterproof D-Sub, waterproof M8 plus many others.

An area of expertse for us is Vents:  providing vents to equalise pressure in a sealed device or an acoustic patch.  The range includes M12 plastic vents or metal vents as well as adhesive vent membranes.


We are a Hammond distributor, providing a wide range of enclosures; ABS, Polycarbonate, Extruded & Die cast Aluminium plus others.  We custom machine enclosures to your unique design, screen printing, engraving, laser etch and of course custom painting.

SAS Cables

Selectronix Onboard Ltd have been a specialist in high speed data cable assemblies for the storage market for more than 20 years.  We provide high quality, high specification cable assemblies; Mini-SAS, HD-SAS plus many custom variants.

We also manufacture general cable assemblies.


We provide connectors from manufacturers such as: Foxconn, Phoenix Contact, Wieland, Circuit Assembly, Hummel.  These include high specification surface mount connectors for embedded systems to basic terminal blocks.


Sounders & LEDs

We distribute Digisound sounders and buzzers, as well as KingBright Leds.


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