Sensing Devices Ltd.

Since its foundation in 1971 Sensing Devices Limited has become one of the worlds leading producers of ceramic, wire wound platinum resistance detectors. During this period the company has also established a high reputation for its range of Temperature sensors.

Although dealing mainly with sensors housing Platinum Resistance Temperature Detectors any range or model can be provided with either Thermistors or both Base and Noble metal Thermocouples.

The Company manufactures from our Southport address and covers some 22,000 sq feet. Since its foundation the company has gained approval to ISO 9002 and also houses a UKAS accredited laboratory No 0171

In order to meet the sophistication of todays process control and monitoring equipment. Sensing Devices Limited would provide you with a value engineered quote, to meet any of your needs.

For details on any of SDL’s products, or for technical advice please contact us.
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