Sensopad Ltd

Sensopad Limited is a high-tech company commercialising a breakthrough patented, non-contact inductive sensing technology. The Sensopad(TM) technology is perhaps the most versatile sensing technology on the market and can be used to manufacture:

Controls (switches) for industrial, medical, transportation and military markets
  • High-end, high-functionality switches and buttons
  • Complex user interfaces where non-contact sensing is required
  • Industrial, medical and safety-critical joysticks
  • Industrial, medical and aerospace trackballs
  • Flat medical keyboards

Intelligent sensors for industrial, medical, transportation and military markets
  • LVDT linear and RVDT rotary variable differential transformer replacements
  • Linear and rotary absolute and incremental encoders
  • Proportional and bi-state proximity sensors
  • Proportional fluid level and flow rate sensors
  • Force/load and pressure sensors

The key advantages of the technology are:
  • Non-contact, absolute position sensing
  • Low cost (lower potential sensor costs than Hall effect)
  • Higher versatility (more sensing geometries)
  • High resolution and accuracy
  • Ability to multiplex sensors
  • Sealable to IP68
  • High temperature sensor head capability
  • Compact form factor
  • High tolerance to misalignment, magnetic fields and EMC

We supply sensor solutions to a wide number of OEMs and system manufacturers. Many solutions are off-the-shelf, although we do also undertake bespoke developments. The cost of our standard rotary or linear encoder product is competitive to that of a Hall effect product, but with significant performance benefits.
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