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Specialising in load cell mounting, we provide smart load cell solutions and are your online supplier of high-quality weighing system components.

For load cell mounting, we have a versatile range of products. They include:

  • High capacity mounting foot
  • Flanged mounting foot
  • Low capacity mounting foot

Load Cell Amplifiers

Further to our comprehensive load cell mounting solutions, we also hold stock of and supply load cell amplifiers. Our load cell amplifiers combine state-of-the-art technology with impeccable design and manufacture.

For load cell amplifiers, options include:

Load Cell Amplifiers

Load Cell Accessories

Further to mountings and amplifiers, we also supply vast options in load cell accessories.

Options include:

  • Load cell simulator
  • Load cell junction box
  • Stainless steel load cell junction box
  • ATEX load cell junction box
  • Safety barriers for ATEX applications
Load Cell Accessories

Weighing System Components

Our product range for weighing system components is extensive and includes components to suit all application requirements.

For weighing system components, we supply precision load cells, versatile mounting arrangements and state-of-the-art weighing indicators. We also supply options in modern load cell amplifiers, allowing you to professionally display, record and analyse your measurements.

Weighing System Components
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