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Sensorbility Ltd. manufacture and supply a unique 'touch' light switch which can safely be used in bathrooms, kitchens, nurseries, or any other room in the home. Our switches can be concealed behind almost any material, including: tiles, mirrors, metal, wood, and are available as a switch, dimmer and timed dimmer.

We also supply a wide range of industrial sensors, sourced from numerous manufacturers.

Our ability to multi-source means that we can supply the right sensor for your application, rather than the nearest equivalent from any stocked range.

If you are having difficulty sourcing a particular position sensor, why not contact us we may be able to help!

Capacitive Proximity Switches

Sensorbility supplies positioning sensors to industry, these include Inductive and Capacitive Proximity switches, Photoelectric switches and sensors including Fibreoptics and Background supression units. Other products include Incremental and Absolute Encoders, Laser positioning sensors and Line Lasers and full ranges of Safety Light Barriers.

Multiway Switch

Sensorbility also manufactures the Sensor Switch and Multiway switch these are unique non-touch replacements to the common domestic light switch and allow the user to design and use light switches with their own faceplate. The Multiway also has the unique feature of only having low voltages at the actual switch and therefore these switches or sensors can safely be used in bathrooms and wet areas.

The Bathroom Switch

The Bathroom Switch is a new concept in light switch operation, and consists of a small controller housing that can be hidden in the ceiling cavity, either behind the light rose or adjacent to a relevant junction box, allied to satellite SensorPads

These SensorPads can be adhered to the rear of most materials such as glass, plastic, ceramic tiles, metal, wood etc. and project a proximity sensing field through the material.

The Nursery Switch

The slowly dimming light switch - When you put your child to bed and switch out the lights, what you in fact do is plunge your little one into darkness - which can be a frightening experience.

The new Nursery Switch will, over a delayed time of 17-18 minutes, slowly dim down the lights and then switch off completely; thus creating a gentler, more soporific and less traumatic end to the day.

Stairwells and Hallways

Our Bathroom Switch Controller is also ideal for switching lights in stairwells and hallways from multiple locations. The switch consists of a small controller housing that can be hidden in the ceiling cavity, either behind the light rose or adjacent to a relevant junction box, allied to satelliteSensorPads

Sensor Pads can be mounted behind faceplates of your own specification or design. These Sensor pads have no moving parts and are therefore less likely to be vandalised. The Multiway Controller can of course switch or control other electrical devices such as call bells etc.

Sensor Switch

Sensor Switch Modules can be fixed behind most materials, giving you an almost infinite choice of designs and shapes for your light switches. Why have a boring square or oblong switch plate?

Photoelectric Switches

We stock photoelectric switches from Aeco, these include Diffuse, Reflex, Polarised reflex, Thru-beam and Fiibreoptic types.

As well as being available in industry standard M18 bodies for both AC and DC operation, we can supply rectangular housings of various sizes. For more details of these please visit Aeco’s website 

Other manufacturers whose switches we can supply include Datasensor, STM, Fotek, Leuze, Erwin Sick, Contrinex, Sensopart etc.

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