Sensorcom Ltd.


Sensorcom Ltd specialises in the design and manufacture of audio communications and hearing protection products for use in difficult and abnormal conditions. Typically these include covert operations, motorcyclists, entertainment industry and many applications where intelligible communications are necessary in high ambient noise areas. We also make accessories for hearing aid users that give them the freedom to use mobile and wired phones simply and without interference.

The principle categories for our business are as follows:

  • Earplugs and Hearing Protection
  • Security and Military Communications Accessories
  • Industry and Workplace Communications Accessories and Hearing Protection
  • In-ear audio Systems for Musicians, Broadcasters and the Entertainment Industry
  • Communications Systems for Motorsport and Motorcyclists
  • Miniature Audio Cables
  • Communication Accessories for Hearing Aid Users
  • Tinnitus Masking and Therapy Solutions
  • In-ear Headphones for I-Pod, MP3 players

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