Sentinel Plastics Ltd


Here at Sentinel Plastics, we have seven CNC milling plastics machines. Our CNC milling plastics machines enable us to manufacture precision components from high quality materials including Nylon, PFTE, polyester glass, epoxy glass, Tufnol, and Acetal.

Plastic CNC Routing Fabrications

We have four plastic CNC routing fabrications machines. Our plastic CNC routing fabrications machines produce cut shapes from an excellent range of industrial plastics. Our leading brand machines enable us to produce fantastic finishes and sizes each and every time.

Polycarbonate Guarding Fabrication

We have an extensive selection of polycarbonate guarding fabrication and machining capabilities together with skills developed through many years experience. We provide polycarbonate guarding fabrication and machining for many types of industrial plastics.  

Plastic Shrouds and Guards

We manufacture plastic shrouds and guards from polycarbonate, PETG, PVC, acrylic, and ABS. Our plastic shrouds and guards are all folded using hotwires or cold formed processes. We have four different sized box benders enabling us to produce plastic shrouds and guards of various sizes and complications.

Hot Wire Forming

We use hot wire forming techniques when the material to be formed does not allow for cold bending or when a difficult shape requires heat to be achieved. Our hot wire forming process involves passing an electric current through a conductive wire to create a low heat. The plastic to be formed is placed over the wire at the exact place where the bend is required.


Our tag presswork enables us to produce low cost, large batches with complex or simple shapes. We produce extensive templates for use in the craft industry, using materials including Pripak Polypropylene. We carry out tag presswork on materials including cork gasket, rubber and Neoprene seals, polyester and Mylar insulation, PVC Covers, and vulcanised fibre.

Polycarbonate Machining

Here at Sentinel Plastics, we specialise in polycarbonate machining using many years of experience in the industry. We use polycarbonate machining to create a wide variety of different products to suit individual specifications. We use the thin shim tye and thicker high shock resistant polycarbonates to meet varying requirements.

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