Serapid Ltd


For over 30 years, Serapid has provided customised linear motion solutions across a vast range of industries. At the heart of each solution lies Serapid's unique rigid chain technology. The links of the Serapid rigid chain lock together to form steel rods capable of providing long horizontal stroke actuation, as well as, powerful and precise lifting solutions. Unlike traditional actuators, the chains can be coiled up and stored in a variety of compact storage configurations, which results in space savings and design flexibility.


Serapid also specializes in

The design and manufacture of a complete range of quick die change equipment including, clamping systems, die handling and die transport equipment. These products can be combined to provide complete QDC solutions capable of reducing die change times to less than 10 minutes! Regardless of your quick die change or material handling needs, Serapid has the products and experience to provide you with a comprehensive custom-engineered solution.

Serapid Stage Engineering

Serapid brings nearly 40 years of experience with industrial applications to the theater market. This helped us to become a major player in the stage lift and scenery movement industry. Certified to ISO 9001(2000) standards, we currently have over 350 theatres and show rooms, and installations around the world, both on land and on cruise ships.

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