Serenity Environmental Ltd


Spill Control. Sanitisation. Waste Reduction.

Serenity has three divisions. Our range of highly effective sanitisers and cleaners are ecologically friendly biocides that contain no alcohol or bleach and are used in hospitals, doctors surgeries, clinics and schools around the country. Our hand gels are alcohol free, 99.999% effective against all known bacteria and have a residual barrier effect that carries on killing harmful bacteria such as MRSA and C-Dif for 6 hours after one application. Our Surface Sanitising Spray is an excellent cleaner that protects for up to 30 days. Tested against Norovirus as well as resistant strains of bacteria found in medical settings and care homes all of our products are independently certified as among the most effective available today.

Our spill control solution is available exclusively in the UK from us. Eco Absorb is the most effective spill absorbent granule on the market today. Cost effective and environmentally friendly it will instantly absorb any liquid spill using a fraction of the amount or time that traditional clay or other granule absorbents use. Clear paint, oil, transmission fluid, cooking oil, wine or body spills. Absorbs odours and locks in permanently whatever it absorbs. Lightweight, non carcinogenic and safe.

Waste is a huge problem in the world today and our Converta technology reduces volume by 70% and weight by 30% while sterilising. It has no emissions, reduces waste processing costs by a huge amount and produces a high calorific refuse derived fuel that can be used to create power.

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