Serpecon Ltd

SERPECON LTD;---- The West Midland based, conveyor supply company,was formed in 1989, and over the years, has supplied hundreds of conveyors, mainly screw and belt, into the Water and Associated Industries, handling sludge, screenings, grit, and general waste … … … Dewatering Compactors, Solids Separators, Tanker Discharge Units, and general fabrications, platforms, ladders, also supplied … … ….

Most of the conveyors/systems supplied, are 304 SS, shaftless/shafted types, and with the company being located centrally, it provides easy acess, to customers, and most manufacturing requirements, can be sourced locally … ….

We are looking to broaded the base, of operations, and provide a service, more into the food and waste handling industries, in general, and our experience, and approachability, have stood us in good stead, and we endeavour to be as professional as possible ….
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