At SERPRO, absorbents are essential to keeping workplaces clean and safe. Our products are equipped  to handle all type of liquid spills from water to oil, hazmat and chemical spills. Our absorbents come in a variety of  weights and sizes such as pads, mats, socks and booms.

We also stock specialised absorbents for chemical spills and loose adsorbents.



Spill Containment

Our spill containment products provide security against accidental leaks and spills.

Our range of spill containment products includes:

  • IBC containment and tanks
  • overpack drums
  • pallet converters
  • spill pallets
  • workfloors
  • covered bunds and pallets
  • funnels
  • storage


Drip and Spill Trays

For convenience and safety, our drip and spill trays are used to store and handle hazardous materials. They aid in protecting the environment, and safeguard your workers from leaks, drips and spills. They are ideal for garages and workshops, service departments and maintenance crews.

Sizes for our drip and spill trays include:

  • 10-30cm trays
  • 31-40cm trays
  • 41-50cm trays
  • 51-60cm trays
  • 61-70cm trays
  • 71-80cm trays
  • 81-120cm trays


Maintenance Products

We can supply all the items for your company's maintenance product needs. We provide a number of items including gloves, degreasers, hygiene products and lubricants.

Our maintenance products serve a number of industry sectors including municipal councils, emergency services, motorsports, schools and transportation industries.



Spill Control Products

If a spill does occur, it is imperative safety precautions and spill procedures be put into place immediately. Our spill control products are designed to minimise risks and dangers.

Our spill control products include:

  • drain protection
  • leak sealants
  • plant nappies
  • sorbent stations
  • spillkits
  • spillpods


Spill Kits

Spill kits and response equipment are for spill containment and cleanup. The type of spill kit needed depends on the amount required for containment and clean-up and how it is to be stored and accessed.

We manufacture a range of spill kits to suit the type, and risk, of fluid spilt. Our kits can be modified to address your specific spill needs. We can manufacture custom made units to your requirements.


Wiping and Cleaning Products

We supply wiping and cleaning products. Whether it be paper products or speciality rags, our prodcuts can tackle all jobs. Additionally, we have wiping and cleaning products available for purchase online.




Lab Supplies

When it comes to safety in the lab you don't want to take chances with the sorbent products you are using. You need to be confident when you use an absorbent pad on a chemical that it is going to absorb, safely and quickly, and without any worries about its compatibility.

  • Lab Trays
  • Acid and Alkali Neutralizing Powders
  • Mercury Spill Kit
  • Chemical Binder

Our Laboratory absorbents are ideal for responding to spills with unknown liquids. Our pads, booms and rolls will absorb virtually all acid and base liquids. These products are quickly deployed and recovered in hazardous spill applications. Use booms to confine large spills.

  • Granular Powder Absorbents
  • Hazchem Absorbent Pads and Mats
  • Hazchem Absorbent Rolls
  • Hazchem Absorbent Socks and Booms
  • Hazchem Absorbent Pillows


Wheelie Bins

All of our wheelie bins are brand new and UK/European made, not a flimsy Chinese import. If you are a householder looking for replacement wheelie-bin then the Standard 240Litre is the one to choose. Almost all councils throughout the UK use this size of bin and ours have all the required quality and safety certificates in order that waste collection companies will empty them. Be aware that unless you buy a wheelie bin that has the 'EN840' or 'RAL' standards then you may be wasting your money as most councils will refuse to empty them.

Our bins are all top quality made with high quality, high density HDPE and are compliant with all noise reduction requirements. They are certified and tested compliant to the EN840 , RAL-GZ951/1 and Directive 2000/14/EG.

All of our bins are UV-resistant and cadmium free. Inferior imported bins will not have ultra violet protection (which is expensive) and will probably be made from recycled plastic. Ultimately you would be wasting your money as, in our experience, they will probably fail in a couple of years or even less.

The wheelie-bins we supply have a reinforced axle housing, 200mm heavy duty rubber-tired wheels and the wheel axle is made from solid tempered galvanised steel.

Our wheelie bins are manufactured in line with ISO 9001 for Quality Control and ISO 14001 for environmental sustainability.

We are able to supply many types and sizes of wheelie bins at extremely competitive prices, normally ex-stock. If you need larger quantities of any wheelie-bin call us to talk about price breaks. 


Marine Oil Spill Kits

Every boat owner must take full responsibility and care to clean up oil and fuel spills or leakage with the appropriate absorbents by simply carrying a small spill kit onboard when refuelling, or servicing, Marinas should supply spill kits helps boaters to comply with their clean marina standards, ensuring our waterways remain safe for all to enjoy. Avoid non-compliance issues and make a personal contribution to protecting your environment.

The Serpro Marine Spill Kits cover the entire range of sizes that might be needed in any situation. You can choose from a small 10 Litre kit for the smallest craft right up to a 1200 Litre Fuel Station spillage kit. Make sure that you have the right products to hand when the need arrises and not have to suffer the clean-up costs associated with waterway and shoreline damage.



Following over two years of development trials the SpillTrapper is now available at unbeatable prices. It has been designed to outperform, and absorb more than any similar product currently on the market. The multi-layer absorbent mat with it's unique 'burst cotton' layer has given the SpillTrapper added absorbency and oil retention. The laminated layers absorbs even more oil than ever and lets the rain and water run free.



Plant Nappy

The Plant Nappy® is a new, light and user friendly method of spill containment; designed to replace existing, traditional drip trays. Designed to withstand all weather conditions, it is rugged enough to stand plant on it all year round to contain the odd mishap that could occur on site.




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