SES was originally formed in the mid 1960’s as a consultancy service for the design of shell and tube heat exchangers known originally as Stourhall Engineering Services. 

Operatives were Mike Peyser and John Whistance who lived in Stourbridge and Willenhall in the West Midlands. 

Customers were companies who manufactured shell and tube heat exchangers but did not have design capabilities. 

In 1999 Mike Peyser retired from employment and used SES as an agency for the supply of extended surface tubing from several organisations around the world. SES has worked on behalf of LP SpA in Italy, Mannesmann Carnoy in Belgium, Finned Tube Technologies in Tulsa, USA, Aletas y Birlos in Mexico, Fintube Thailand in Thailand. 

Currently SES is UK agent for Rosink for the supply of welded finned tubes. Through contacts SES can also supply studded tubes and longitudinally finned tubes. Mike Peyser has spent the last 40 years dealing with welded finned tubes some 30 years being involved with sales and manufacture.

Helically Wound & Welded Finned Tubes

  • Solid and serrated types
  • High frequency resistance and fusion welded
  • 25mm min tube o/d.
  • Tubes in carbon, alloy, stainless or high alloy steels
  • Fins in carbon, stainless or high alloy steels

Square and Rectangular Welded Finned Tubes

  • Standard range for tubes with o/d from 31.8mm to 44.5mm
  • Carbon steel materials 

Longitudinal Finned Tubes / Studded Tubes

For use in:

  • Furnace and fired heater convection sections
  • Waste heat recovery systems
  • Economisers
  • Heat exchangers
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