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SeSys Limited are committed to providing digital IP cameras and networked vision solutions, and have been since 2004. Developing camera solutions directly our clients forms a significant part of our business, enabling us to tailor the solution to the application, providing customers with the monitoring which fits their needs. SeSys have won numerous projects by working with and supporting clients to deliver exactly what they want, whilst providing informed and impartial advice where necessary.

Torch Camera

The Torch Camera has been designed with remote site monitoring in mind: Portable, simple configuration, low operating cost and flexibility. Offering many advantages over conventional camera systems, the Torch Camera can send high resolution, 3 Megapixel images over the mobile networks and can switch between both 3G and GPRS, depending upon availability. There is no need for a fixed telephone line as communications are handled directly by the system.

Featuring a high resolution (2048x1536) Megapixel camera and interchangeable lenses, the Torch Camera has tremendous flexibility. Video motion detection captures activity in detail that enables vehicles or individuals to be identified. All that is required to view images from Torch Camera is a device capable of accessing the internet, such as a PC or a Smartphone and password protection ensures the security of both the device and location.

The internal SD card can store several thousand images for playback. FTP and email can also be used to deliver images off site. Remote users can also activate recording or save a single image and all images can be processed off line using additional, free of charge, software.

The Torch Camera can be used as a handheld device for rapid deployment or for incident management. With a built-in battery back up the Torch Camera can be used for up to 20 hours before needing to be plugged in. The Torch Camera is ideally suited to installations both short and long term with the additional flexibility of being able to be relocated in minutes.

As Torch Camera is carried around site engineers, operators and managers can all log on to the camera and see what is happening. Image recording for Security or Health and Safety purposes are also valuable jobs that Torch Camera can carry out.

SeSys Torch Camera reduces company costs and lowers their carbon footprint whilst still allowing numerous people to visit site! As pressure is placed to reduce cost and the environmental impact of site visits the Torch Camera is the answer.

Torch Camera

ATEX Housed Camera Systems

Taking effect in 2006 the ATEX regulations are aimed at protecting employees from explosion risk in hazardous areas. Split into two directives, ATEX95 regulates equipment intended for use in potentially explosive environments.
To meet these specifications, SeSys have achieved Zone 1 ATEX certification for both IP Cameras ,which can be supplied housed in an ATEX approved enclosure, allowing them to be located in hazardous environments. This can dramatically reduce dangers posed to employees, whilst remote access cuts down on unnecessary site visits to difficult to reach areas. Optional lighting is also available, meaning even the darkest area or chamber can be viewed at any time.

The ATEX housed IP camera is ideal for areas where image resolution is key. Using the dual lens camera optics, 3 Megapixel image sensor and the optional inbuilt lighting unit even the darkest area can be monitored. A choice of lenses are available, ranging from telephoto, monitoring selected areas, to wide angle, giving a wider overview. Black and white monitoring for night viewing is also available (1 Megapixel only). The camera utilises power over Ethernet for ease of installation and operation.

ATEX Housed Camera Systems

Covert Monitoring

The IPSpy is perfect for any covert application. From monitoring areas popular with flytippers through to checking on valuable equipment when you aren’t there, the lPSpy is the ideal solution. Easily disguised, it is identifiable only to those who installed it. As the focus of any investigation moves, so the IPSpy can be quickly and easily relocated. The IPSpy is available for covert applications at both indoor and outdoor locations.

For external monitoring the camera can be supplied in both a weatherproof enclosure, designed to withstand the elements. For use internally, the unit can be supplied within a case. Simply determine the best location for the unit on site and the camera will monitor any incident which occurs.

Once the camera is in place it can begin recording images, storing them to the integrated hard drive. Should the camera be in place for a longer period of time an optional facility to wirelessly download images over a secure connection, allowing images to be downloaded directly to a laptop and meaning that the camera need only be approached when it is required at a new location.

Covert Monitoring

Covert Applications

SeSys was approached by a company who needed to monitor an area of land which had been purchased with a view to development. This had drawn objections from locals who claimed that the land was used by many people on a regular basis. In order to gain permission for development it had to be proved that the area was not used as often as claimed. This would have to be done discreetly, as drawing attention would prove counter-productive.

The solution SeSys proposed used a low power version of their Spykit. Due to the location of the site it was not possible for the camera to be powered or communicate in the usual manner. The camera also needed to be in place for a considerable period of time in order to get fair representation of visitor numbers.
Power was provided to the system via batteries, and the camera was programmed with “event windows”, specific areas which, when movement was detected, would trigger the camera to begin recording to the in-build hard drive. Images could then be periodically downloaded via a USB port or swapped out for further interrogation.

Using the IPSpy has allowed our client to build up an accurate picture of how busy the site is. The project is currently ongoing but the data gathered will be submitted as evidence in support of their development.

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