Sewaco Ltd


Our company specialises in design, manufacture, supply and construction of purpose-built plant and equipment for use in water supply systems and treatment of municipal sewage and industrial waste water.

Our range of products includes:

- HYCOVER Static & Rotary distributor systems (from 5 l/s up to 980 l/s flow range) with optional auto cleanse and electro pneumatic belt drive mechanism, respectively.

- HYRATE Polytower biofilter systems using modular plastic media for:-

       High Rate (BOD/COD reduction), upstream of existing treatment plant

       Secondary (BOD removal only or combined BOD removal/Nitrification)

       Tertiary Nitrification applications, downstream of existing secondary treatment processes.

- HYRATE Polytowers can easily incorporate natural ventilation or air extraction systems for odour control purposes, as required.

- Factory built timber support matrix for secondary modular plastic media support.

- Modular media installation and re-packing undertaken by our experienced site team.

- Water Meter Boxes for single and multiple water meter installation (up to 16 water meters in one chamber).                            Suitable for installation in brownfield location.

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