Seymour Manufacturing International Ltd (SMI)


Seymour Manufacturing International Limited (SMI), Specialists in Cold Store Racking & Ancillary Products

Established in the early 1980s, manufactures and supplies Tempro® thermal insulation systems and all Cold Store Equipment

Tempro® is a unique lightweight insulation that has exceptional thermal properties including a minimal thermal conductivity factor(K) of 0.029W/m.K which has been verified in tests by the Campden and Chorleywood Food Research Association.

Tempro® is widely used in the food and logistics industries, for applications such as:

  • Cold Store Racking
  • Modular storage/refrigeration racking-Track Rack
  • Chilled and freezer store trolley entry doors,
  • Temporary cold store curtain walls
  • Roll cage and pallet covers,
  • Retail store home delivery services
  • Tempro® is also a major component of SMI's Tempro Dome inflatable, modular cold store.

SMI also supplies a wide range of catering equipment - Prep Direct products include:

  • Tables
  • Trolleys
  • Accessory items, suitable for food, chemical, agricultural and bakery industries.

Cold Stop Thermal Curtains

SMI’s unique thermal curtains are an alternative to old plastic strip curtains used in many coldrooms. Energy savings of 25% in chillers and 35% in freezers are achievable thus providing cost effective thermal barriers.

Temperature Controlled Zones

Temperature Controlled Zones (TCZs) are the modern inexpensive answer to instant temporary chilled storage or permanent chilled storage in warehouses, working or packing areas, cold room divisions or goods-in bays, all of which can be operational within minutes. An instant cold room at times of high demand.

Roll Cage Covers

Tempro® cage covers have contributed enormous savings for the transportation of chilled, ambient and frozen products to a threshold delivery time and distance. SMI has pallet covers, pallet liners and cage covers in a variety sizes and inner and outer materials matched to suit the tasks demanded.

Flat Pack Chiller/freezer

The freestanding TT33 and its wheeled T3 condenser/evaporator base is a unique and esy way of providing, chilled and frozen products - mainly food and drink - on just about any site anywhere in the world in an acceptable condition to maintain Heath & Safety Standards.

Modular Racking

Tough, attractive but no nonsense racking system for the food, non food, catering and allied industries. Track Rack’s Lightweight assembly which clicks together uses anodised aluminium frames with high impact, washable blue plastic ventilated shelves. Unique Rear Guard shelf backstop which prevents stock falling off the back thus reducing waste and improving hygiene.

Adjustable Pallet Covers

The unique Tempro® adjustable cover extends in height from 500mm to 1800mm and is ideal for part reducing loads or varying pallet loads. The cover is outstanding at keeping or frozen goods in temperature in their own environment for extended periods in alien conditions.

Thermal Boxes and Liners

SMI has an extensive range of thermal box liners, bags and covers used in the food, medical, defence, pharmaceutical, agricultural and home delivery sectors. The outer material can be colour coded for identification and to match the task.

Vehicle Rear Curtains

SMI’s Back-Stop curtains are the first insulated cold stop devices to be designed for the reduction of heat losses from the back of a chilled or frozen vehicle. They offer energy reductions by retaining chill when the rear doors are open.

Anti Bacterial Curtains

SMI’s Bio-Gard enriched with SteriTouch is a unique and significant breakthrough in the war against illness-causing pathogens. Bio-Gard kills and arrests 99.99% of pathogenic bacteria, mould and fungi. It counters MRSA, E.Coli, Salmonella, Listeria and Legionella together with many others.


SMI has three types of door, the Clean Door for applications where it is necessary to maintain the highest possible hygiene standards; the Lean Door, a versatile single or doubled leafed swing door for use in food and non-food sectors and the Green Door which is energy saving with a long life and minimum servicing requirement. This is a cost effective thermal, personnel door.

Trolleys and Safety Steps

The Safe 2-step trolley and its bigger brother, the Safe 3-step trolley have been used by the food and many other industries for the safe and speedy loading of display shelves or warehouse stock locations. The automatic acting brake ensures an operative is 100% safe as soon as the unit is used. Many different sizes and platforms have been made to bring the same safety to a wide range of industries.

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