SFT Spannsysteme GmbH


Manufacture of tools, clamping systems and CNC milling machines

SFT Spannsysteme GmbH manufactures series parts in medium and large numbers, and if required, also small series and individual parts. We supply our products all around the world.

Use our Express Service for
• the supply of SFT products
• contract manufacturing
• procurement of materials
• individual advice in planning, specifications and calculation
• shipment by our own freight partners or our own SFT delivery service

CNC Precision Milling

In addition to our core competence in CNC precision milling we offer the following comprehensive services:

• Advice with regard to parts development and construction
• Drawings on CAD (Solid Works 2005)
Thorough material testing
• Careful selection of materials
• Logistics management
• Quality inspection
• Constructive optimisation of parts and assemblies


CNC Precision Milling

SFT wedge clamp

Wedge clamps: Quickly and safely clamp work pieces with the SFT wedge clamp. Very large clamping forces can be generated in order to optimally hold work pieces. Different clamping surface versions allow the tool to perfectly adjust to the work piece.

Clamp-Rail clamping rail: The flexible clamping system from SFT GmbH makes it possible to clamp many work pieces in the smallest of spaces. The entire Clamp-Rail range is especially suitable for horizontal and vertical multiple clamping in series production thanks to its compact construction.

Clamp-Rail clamping towers: Application on horizontal and 5-axis machines and vertical machines with rotary tables. By combining multiple standard rails 200, 300, 400 and 500 mm in length and 50 or 80 mm in width, the clamping tower can be optimally adjusted to the machine. With quick-change adapter place connection to each 4th axis.

SFT easy clamp measuring device for measuring machines: All standard measuring tasks can be easily solved with this simple product. Clamp the work piece to be measured for measuring in just a few easy steps.

SFT wedge clamp
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