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We have an expansive selection of gas struts for your requirements that include fixed struts or force gas struts for one off jobs and prototyping.

We also offer end fixings such as ball fittings, eyelets and celvis forks. They are all available zinc plated or in stainless steel. Our mounting brackets include ball stud and pin studs. 

Car Gas Struts

We supply car gas struts for car bonnets, boot and tailgates. If you give us the part number of your old gas strut, we can ensure you are supplied with the correct replacement. If you want a new gas strut, you can also ask our advice.

We stock car gas struts compatible with a range of car models including Renault, Vauxhall, Toyota, Audi, Mini, Mercedes, Nissan, SEAT, Volvo and Kia.

Hydraulic Jacks

Our range of hydraulic jacks include bottle jacks designed for tough use at home or in garages. Our trolley jacks are built for daily use and benefit from a lightweight aluminium design and a selection of toe jacks.

Our other hydraulic jacks include ratchet/farm jacks are perfect for lifting tractors. We also provide inflatable jacks that are flexible and lightweight and axel stands for supporting raised loads.

Hydraulic Workshop Press

We provide a diverse collection of hydraulic workshop presses and recommend Power Team's innovative presses. The four post design allows ease of loading and is designed to be 50 percent stronger. The durable presses have great width capacity and benefits from a large work area that gives even load distribution.

We also supply bench or pedestal mounted hydraulic workshop press and floor standing models.

Hydraulic Cylinders

We approve of the Power Team range of high pressure hydraulic cylinders. They can be utilised for a variety of applications from simple jacking to lifting bridges. They are even suitable for maintaining mining equipment.

The models available include single acting or double acting cylinders, low profile pad jacks and short hydraulic cylinders. We also offer centre hole, aluminium, high tonnage, locking, pulling and threaded end hydraulic cylinders.

Hydraulic Pumps

Power Team's range of hydraulic pumps perfectly complement applications in the construction and bridge industry, mining and quarrying, rigging and marine sectors. The hydraulic pumps include hand pumps, cylinder sets, air pumps and battery operated pumps.

We also provide electric pumps, petrol pumps and a range of pump accessories.

Bearing Pullers

Our Power Team products like our bearing pullers are covered by a Lifetime Marathon Warranty. Bearing pullers operate with a range of mechanical and hydraulic designs. They are great at removing or installing gears, bearings and pulleys.

Our selection contains mechanical jaw pullers, push pullers, slide hammer, bearing pushers, universal pullers, and roller bearing pullers

Hydraulic Tools

Our collection of Power Team hydraulic tools includes nut splitters, hydraulic punches, spreaders and C-clamps.

We also offer hydraulic tools like, pipe flange spreader, pry bars and wrenchers.

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