SGS Vernolab UK

SGS Vernolab UK offers an unrivalled service of oil analysis, oil condition monitoring, diagnosis, online reporting and and technical support to clients throughout the UK and Europe. Knowledge and experience go hand-in-hand and SGS Vernolab UK have accumulated over 40 years' worth in the oil and lubricant sector.

SGS Vernolab UK provides a complete and comprehensive oil analysis and oil condition monitoring service to business, blue chip companies and individuals, which is designed to optimise capital expenditure while maximising productivity through reducing direct and indirect maintenance and repair costs. With state of the art facilities, SGS Vernolab UK also has fully qualified and experienced staff helping clients to optimise maintenance costs through planned interventions thus minimising machine down time and reducing costs associated with unforeseen breakdowns.

To complement existing maintenance schemes, more and more companies are now using oil analysis and oil condition monitoring. Viscosity, combustion performance, wears metals, additive content, and presence of water or coolant. Lubricants carry all of this important information that the laboratory can extract. The type of equipment or machinery and lubricant from which the sample was taken will determine the scope of the analysis.

Once the sample has been received, through oil condition monitoring the team can diagnose the condition of a system, engine or machine as well as the longevity of the oil. Diagnosis is made by experienced mechanical engineers, who will then issue a full analytical report. Reports are informative, easy to use and contain sampling information, chemical and physical lab data, cost effective maintenance advice and recommendations plus a graphical representation of the data in terms of wear, contamination and combustion. The report can be sent by letter, fax, e-mail as a secure PDF attachment directly up to 8 people with you as the main contact point and is also available online via the secure web site, which is available in 12 languages. Statistical reports of analytical results are available via the web site which is beneficial for support when making decisions on investment and maintenance management.

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