SH Minerals GmbH


A member of the traditional, medium-sized Schön + Hippelein group of companies, sh minerals GmbH markets its products in Germany and the neighbouring European countries.

With our sites at GEOMIN Erzgebirgische Kalkwerke GmbH in Hammerunterwiesenthal, Lengefeld and Hermsdorf (in the Erz Mountains, Saxony) and Calcitwerk Schön + Hippelein GmbH & Co. KG in Heidenheim (Baden-Wuerttemberg), we are one of the most significant suppliers in the filler materials market. Sales at sh minerals focus on carbonate fillers, dried granules and special mineral trading products.

sh minerals GmbH

The consistently high quality of our products, obtained from our own deposits that are secured for the long term, is our argument for success both today and in the future. Supported by our own sound technical advice, sh minerals offers the products and know-how for a broad spectrum of possible applications in a wide range of industries.

Customer-oriented business dealings lie at the heart of our operations. For the diversity of requirements and requests of our partners – from special applications and special packaging requirements to logistical matters – we develop custom solutions with an attractive price/performance ratio.

sh minerals GmbH
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