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Integrated Temperature Transmitter

The integrated structural thermocouple and thermal resistance products with the function of temperature measurement and transmission can be realized by putting the two wire system modules of transmitter (SBWR and SBWZ) into the connection box of the thermocouple and thermal resistance products,such as normal packaged type,explosion proof type and sheathed type,The integration production can be used to measure the temperature of liquid,gas or steam medium directly.It receives the input signals of the thermocouple and thermal resistance with standard graduation mark and generates the linear 4~20mA DC by the measured temperature.The temperatures are measured and controlled by the contact of the DC output signal and computer system.This temperature transmitter can be widely used to the scientific research field of the industrial sectors,such as electric power,metallurgy, petroleum,chemical engineering,aviation,mechanics,light industry,textile,medicine,food and national defense.

Temperature Controller

Temperature Controller

The electronic temperature controller by the conversion display mechanism, setting mechanism, operation mechanism, an output mechanism compared to four institutions. When the temperature sensor to the temperature field is converted into an electrical signal (or mV) is transmitted to the temperature controller, temperature controller display mechanism to convert electrical signal into a digital display indicating or simulation, and in the internal design and setting mechanism setting were compared by comparing the organization (or PID operation) through the output mechanism of output to the controller (solid state relay, contactor, power controller), then the controller control of heater / cooler for.

Sheathed thermocouple

Sheathed Thermocouple

Sheathed thermocouple has the advantages of slimness, easy bending, short thermal response time, anti-vibration, temperature resistance, compression resistance and robustness etc. It can be used not only for direct measurement, but also for Assembly thermocouple as inner core element to replace conventional porcelain bead string type element. Especially, it is suitable for installation for pipelines with narrow distance, bent pipeline, and special temperature measurement places that quick response and micromation are required.

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