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Since 1979 Sharman‘s Wholesale specialized in CB radio products, but in 1999 as the market was further liberalised with the introduction of PMR446 license exempt two-way radio equipment - a new company Sharman multiCOM Ltd, was formed to reflect the change in trading style.

Sharman multiCOM Ltd. is  totally focused in sourcing and distributing radio communications products for dealers, distributors, catalogue companies etc. throughout the UK, Ireland, and Mainland Europe.
Our product range encompasses a full range of radio communications products suited for the Hobby, Leisure, and Professional user.
  • Amateur Radio
  • Marine Radio
  • CB Radio
  • PMR Radio
  • Airband Receivers (and more)
We look forward to developing our business relationships with our customers, based on our tried and tested formula of good reliable products, friendly and efficient service, and competitive pricing policy.

Radio Communications Systems Radio Communications Systems  Radio Communications Systems
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