Sharp Recycling Ltd


Our knowledge, experience and network within the waste and recycling industry allow us to deliver our unique approach to waste management.
Our approach is simple; we review your current waste management arrangements and offer an alternative cheaper solution.
Where SharpRecycling differs from the usual Waste Management and broker , we do not only offer cheaper collections, we offer this plus we look at the main waste producing areas within your business and make recommendations to prevent, reduce and re-use waste in conjunction with the waste hierarchy.
We can rationalise your services and incorporate more recycling services into your business all helping to drive down costs.

Zero Waste to Landfill

With rising year on year landfill tax costs, an alternative sustainable solution is required. SharpRecycling offer a zero waste to landfill solution, aimed at increasing your recycling levels and seeking alternative routes of recovery for the residual waste that typically would end up in landfill.
Businesses across the UK are realising that intelligent waste management delivers financial benefits which impact on your businesses bottom line but also improve the corporate image of your company.

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