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But fusion welding shelters are just one of our many products, Sheerspeed has been in the Work Tent manufacturing industry for over 20 years specialising in the Design, Manufacture and Supply of Speedtents, Work tents, Popups, Marquees, Gazebos & Instant shelters.

All tents are fully overchecked Prior to delivery & conform to BS EN ISO 9001:2000. We guarantee the lowest prices for any tent specification offered in the UK, because we are solely dedicated to the manufacture and design of Worktents and Marquees.

We supply a wide range of products

  • Work Tents
  • Speedtents (Pop-Ups)
  • Site Tents
  • Concertina style
  • Modular Shelters
  • Umbrellas
  • Railway Tents
  • Police/Forensic shelters
  • Telecom Tents
  • Screening
  • Decontamination tents
  • Retail Display Frames
  • Tent Security
  • Railway tents
  • Butt fusion welding shelters

Some examples of just some of our products can be seen below


We supply a wide range of products

Work Tents

This product offers an Economic and cost effective solution. A separate frame and cover unit which breaks down to a best in class small storage size. The framework is constructed from surface hardened Aluminium poles, proven in both the Rail and Utilities industry over the last 15 years, and is both light and easy to handle. Fibreglass frame work is also available where Full Non-conductive units are required. Fibreglass tubing is a strong Spiral wound composite.
This is complimented with a Translucent PVC reinforced cover that is quick and easy to locate to the frame with elasticated bungee attachments. The covers in standard format have 2off heavy-duty zipped entrances for quick and accurate door opening and closure


Work Tents

Railway Products

Sheerspeed Shelters Ltd guarantees that its Railway tents are not only the longest lasting tents for any equivalent specification but also sell at the lowest prices anywhere in the UK.

We Guarantee the lowest prices for any equivalent product specification product!

Sheerspeed Railway tents were developed directly with the UK Network Rail authority to their exacting standards. For example, our Track Welding tent design was developed over an 18 month period with thorough testing by the Rail authority to ensure that the exact tent performance requirements were met, prior to general product launch.

Our PVC tents offer a number of advantages:

  • The tent erection assembly process takes only a couple of minutes
  • The tent system has no loose components with only the separate under rail poles to be feed under the rails prior to assembly.
  • Tent access is the best in class where operators can access the tent without the need to bend or stoop, therefore avoiding dangerous contact with the face or eyes of the operator.
  • The floor dimensions of the Sheerspeed tent are square to facilitate use in any orientation with or without the under rail poles. The tent can therefore be best positioned against directional driving rain or wind.
Railway Products

Speed Tents

SPEED TENTS (Speed tent Work tents/Elephant tents) Erect in 10-15 Sec (No loose components) (Cube tents/Square tents/Triangular tents)

A Work tent that is a technologically advanced Flame retardant Speed tent with an integrated frame and cover unit, which takes only a few seconds to erect and even less to take down. These maintenance tents have no loose components to get lost preventing a job task being completed and is very portable and lightweight. The Speedtent worktent does not require any specialist operator skills for use. Work tent security is offered by way of 3off Guy lines as standard from the 3 centre joints on the 3 pop out sides.

These tents are available with a large number of options to suit customer specific needs.


Speed Tents


We offer Standard & Heavy-duty versions - Ideal for all outdoor occasions. Parties, Weddings, etc. or use as a Garage, Trade Stand, Temporary Workshop etc.

Standard Party Tent marquee

This Marquee comes with a full set of instructions and is as easy to assemble as A B C with a strong 38mm steel frame that simply slots together. All poles are marked for easy assembly. Legs are supplied with base plates that can be pegged to soft ground or bolted to hard surfaces.
The roof and walls are made from flame retardant, durable UV stabilised PE material that can be easily washed clean and are attached to the frame with elasticated bungees. The sides have large picture windows and the ends are fitted with 2 heavy duty zips so that you can roll up a large door panel for easy access. The side and end panels are detachable for flexibility of uses.
Options include: Tie down kits for security / Ground bars / Marquee Stakes
Many other market offerings quote our standard version as a commercial grade product.

Heavy-duty Party tent marquee

THIS MARQUEE comes with ground bars as standard. In addition to 48mm diameter galvanised poles with T bolt locking connections. The cover material is a substantial 350g PE material
Ideal for Parties, Celebrations, BBQ's, Craft Shows, Exhibitions, Sporting Events, Hospitality Tent, Garage, Storage and much much more.





We offer an extensive range of Cover materials from standard to unique textiles specially developed in PVC, Polyester, Polyethylene & Nylon etc. All products represented within this section have been uniquely developed for the applications of Police & Forensic Science


  • Forensic & SOCO Tents
  • Speedtents
  • Marquee/Concertina
  • Site
  • Screening
  • Body Tents
  • Ballast Bags
  • Body Bags

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