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As its name, Uniview is unique in the market with plethora of competitors.

Uniview offers a wide range of high quality standard led display products as well as customized solutions. With leading R&D team in this sector, Uniview pays full attention to individual requirement from clients, it can work out full package of services from project study, initial product design, up to production and after services and other extended services if needed.

Uniview’s portfolio contains the latest cutting edge technology products with creative / light weight / slim design, every product is developed bases on CE standard from the material selection, structure design, shield devices etc. It is one of the manufacturers who get the real EMC firstly, and passed the ISO9001:2000. With great invest in the equipments, Uniview keeps high standard on every step of production, quality control and testing, to guarantee the final product can perfectly match different project needs.

Uniview never stop the pursuit of excellence, it will continue to be, innovative, diligent, trustworthy professional and business partner.

Indoor & Outdoor LED Screen

  • Creative LED Display
  1. Indoor Colorful LED Globe-P10mm
  2. Indoor & Outdoor LED Video Floor-P5mm/P6.25mm/P8.928mm/P10.416mm/P12.5mm/P17.857mm/P20.83mm
  3. Self-curved LED Curtain-Indoor & Outdoor-P7.14mm/P8.33mm/P10mm/P12.5mm/P16.67mm
  4. Waterproof LED Strip-P15mm/P20mm/P25mm/P30mm/P100mm
  • Rental Type LED Screen
  1. Indoor & Outdoor LED Curtain-P8.928mm/P10.416mmm/P12.5mm/P15.625mm/P17.857mm
  2. SL Series indoor rental screen-P4.5mm/P5.14mm/P6mm/P7.2mm/P7.62mm/P8mm/P9mm/P10mm
  • Standard LED Display
  1. Indoor Item-P4mm/P5mm/P6mm/P8mm/P10mm/P12mm
  2. Outdoor Item-P10mm/P12mm/P14mm/P16mm/P20mm/P25mm/P30mm

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