Shenzhen Yuweixing Electronics Co Ltd


YWX PCB is a professional PCB manufactory.

1.We provide quick turn Prototype service  
2.Quick turn small order qty service
3.Rigid PCB, Metal Core PCB,  HDI PCB, PCBA and other special PCB
4.FR4 (Normal), FR4(High TG), FR4(Haolgen Free), Metal core, ceramic etc.
5.Finished thickness: from 0.20mm 6.0mm
6.Finished Copper: from 0.3 OZ 6 OZ
7.Surface finished with HASL LF, Entek (MSP/OSP), Immersion Gold (ENIG), Immersion Silver, Immersion Tin, Hard Gold, Flash Gold, Carbon, Peelable-mask etc.
8.Solder mask: Green, White, Red, Blue, Black, Matt green, Matt Black, Yellow etc.
9.Legend color with white, black, yellow, grey ect.

If you have any question or need, pls feel free to let us know.

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