Sherborne Upholstery Ltd


Widely known and respected, the Sherborne name on the distinctive label can now been seen on the largest ever selection of upholstery styles, from traditional Wing Chairs, Settees and Drop-end Sofas to the ultimate in relaxing Reclining Chairs, Settees and matching Suites. New for 2013 is a range of sturdy Adjustable Beds with a 25 stone weight limit and a 5 Year Guarantee.

Starting as a small family business over 80 years ago, Sherborne Upholstery Ltd has grown into one of the most successful upholstery companies in the United Kingdom, with two factories and over 250 employees. Manufacturing all our own frames every piece is fully produced (not just assembled) in our factories in the North of England. Not only that, but with our excellent reputation for high quality, quick and efficient service and value for money, many of the designs in our range are established top sellers.

We also offer a comprehensive 5 YEAR GUARANTEE on all Recliner and Adjustable Bed actions, frames, electric motors and all other electrical parts.

Manual & Powered Recliners

Sherborne offer a comprehensive range of high quality Recliners and Reclining Settees, all available in Manual, Powered and Rechargeable Powered versions. Most Recliners can be chosen in either Fabric or Leather and four of our most popular designs are each available in three different sizes for the ultimate choice. All Recliners are offered with matching Fixed Chairs and Settees and most are also available as Electric 'Lift & Rise' Recliners (see below).

  • Small Leather Recliner
  • Standerd Fabric Recliner
  • Nevada Royale Leather
  • Royale Leather Recliner
  • Malvern Fabric Recliner
  • Royale Fabric Recliner
  • Petite Leather Recliner
Manual & Powered Recliners

Electric 'Lift & Rise' Recliners

For people who have difficulty getting in and out of conventional furniture, to have their own 'Lift & Rise' Recliner makes a huge difference to their freedom and quality of life. Every single model in the huge range of Sherborne 'Lift & Rise' Recliners is available with single or dual motors, with the dual motor versions adjusting the backrest and footrest separately and offering a near-horizontal full sleeping position. Six designs can be chosen in either three or four different sizes to ensure a perfect fit.  Most Electric Recliners are available in Fabric or Leather with a full range of matching pieces. Enhanced safety features all come as standard including an emergency battery back-up. Because speed of delivery can be critical all Sherborne 'Lift & Rise' Recliners can be delivered to UK mainland stockists on EXPRESS DELIVERY.

Electric 'Lift & Rise' Recliners

Sofas & Suites

The extensive range of Sherborne Sofas & Suites in both Fabric and Leather offers a wonderful choice of size, style and design. Most ranges include both Fixed and Reclining 2- and 3-seater Settees with matching Chairs, Recliners and 'Lift & Rise' Recliners. Many Sherborne Suites are Compact in size to suit smaller room spaces and some are offered in a choice of Small or Standard sizes. All afford excellent comfort and support with high backs for practical head support. 

  • 2 Seater Sofas 
  • 3 Seater Sofas 
  • Fixed 2 Seater Sofas
  • Corner Groups
  • Reclining 3 Seater Sofas
  • Fireside Setters
  • Round End Sofas 
Sofas & Suites

Fireside Chairs & Settees

Sherborne offer a full selection of Fireside and High Seat Chairs and Settees. Ranging from smaller Chairs to large, elegant designs they all afford excellent comfort and support in a wide variety of different fabrics. The larger Chairs and Settees are also available in a wonderful choice of full-hide Leather. Matching adjustable Leg Rest Stools also in the range.

Fireside Chairs & Settees

Fabrics and Leathers

At Sherborne Upholstery Ltd we provide a wide range of Fabrics and Leathers for Aquaclean, Beds and Scatter Cushions. W provide these materials in avariety of colours such as Beiges & Creams, Blues & Greens, Browns & Minks, Greys & Blacks, Pinks & Purples, Reds & Oranges and Yellows & Golds. We provide these Fabrics and Leathers in a range of patterns Contemporary, Florals, Geometrics, Motifs, Plains and Stripes. Some of Sherborne Upholstery Ltd popular collections include: 

  • Contemporary
  • Florals
  • Geometrics
  • Motifs
  • Plains
  • Stripes
Fabrics and Leathers

Adjustable Beds

The Dorchester Adjustable Bed range uses a specially-developed new action which enables it to easily take up to 25 stone in weight.  This is backed up by a 5 Year Guarantee on all electrical components, actions and frames. Available in five sizes from 2'6" right up to 6' every Bed has a remarkable range of features all supplied as standard, including dual motors, two memory positions and backlit buttons on the handset and a sturdy, fully-upholstered storage drawer. There is a choice of four different mattresses and two headboards and all pieces are available on Express Delivery throughout mainland Britain.

Adjustable Beds

Stools & Accessories

With 88 years of British furniture manufacturing tradition behind us we are delighted to present our distinctive and comprehensive range of high quality upholstery and our exciting range of Stools, Furniture & Accessories, Adjustable Beds, fabrics and Leathers and much more! At Sherborne Upholstery Ltd you have a wide range of  high quality Stools, Storage Stools, Leg Rest Stools and Accessories to pick from.

  • Stools
  • Storage Stools
  • Leg Rest Stools
  • Accessories
  • Glides
  • Cut Lengths
  • Leather Neck Pillow
  • Fabrick Neck pILLOW
  • Leather Lumber Cushion
  • Armcaps
  • Leather Scatter Cushions
  • Fabric Head Cushion
Stools & Accessories