Shere Marketing Ltd

Since 1989 we have been helping our clients by developing innovative strategies to reach target audiences and producing compelling market communications. Basically, we put marketing into action - by applying a unique blend of expertise and skills.

5 reasons why you should use Shere Marketing:
  • Guarantee - you like our creative - or pay nothing
  • Genuinely specialise in B2B - most just claim to
  • Client References - current clients in your sector
  • Team of consultants - each have more than 15 years successful B2B experience
  • Pricing - very competitive in the quality sector of our marketplace
What are you buying?
  • Proven skills in analysis, planning, developing creative solutions, writing, design
  • Extensive knowledge of latest web marketing techniques, media, print management
  • Project Management to free you up and make sure everything stays on target
Can we help?