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We provide PCB design service in Milton Keynes built on our many years experience and offer a range of PCB design from multilayer to single sided, power supplies to RF and from audio to processor designs.

We pride ourselves on our reputation in the industry and work closely with our customers. We always maintain links of communication to provide high quality service beyond just placing and routing PCBs. Our PCB design service in Milton Keynes allow you to feel confident and assured.

PCB Design Bureau

We are a PCB design bureau based in Milton Keynes and have over 25 years experience in PCB layout. We always aim to offer friendly and effective services continuing to meet the needs of our clients.

We are a PCB design bureau who works closely with our customers throughout the full design process to ensure you get the service you deserve and you come back to us again and again.

PCB Design Bureau

PCB Layout Experience

Our extensive PCB layout experience means we can be flexible and can work tirelessly to reach timescales and do our best to meet your needs.

Our PCB layout experience also means we are capable of implementing the full design starting from the schematic, or equally, we are able to help out at various stages.

You can choose for how long you need us and where. We will work on site or from our offices and give you the power to control your project and reduce an additional overheads. 

PCB Layout Experience


We have range of testimonials available to read on our website from clients we have worked with and what they thought of our service. Some of our customers have been coming back to us for years and praise us for the close relationships we forge and the continual high quality.

Other testimonials show the types of clients we work with and which industry sectors they come from. They also illustrate the benefits of using us, even if you are based away from us. We provide professional and conscientious support both onsite and offsite.


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