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Based in Denton, Manchester, we provide comprehensive lift services. Included in our professional lift services, we manufacture, install, maintain, modernise and repair lifts of all makes and varying degrees of complexity. We are a truly independent lift supplier.

During our expansion over recent years, new service contracts have been successfully undertaken for a cross-section of local authorities, large blue-chip companies and smaller organisations. Our organic growth particularly within the maintenance market over this period is attributed to the management structure and foresight of employing quality personnel with a proven track record in their particular field.

Lift Refurbishment

We provide an unrivalled lift refurbishment service. All lifts eventually require modernisation or replacement. Delaying modernisation too long will result in the same detrimental effects that would result from ignoring the maintenance requirements.

Many do not recognise the symptoms of a declining lift early enough to avoid a crisis. Lift problems, such as downtime and slow operation are obvious while others, such as high energy usage and electrical noise generation, are not.

Common symptoms of imminent lift failure include: long wait times, high energy use, poor power quality and frequent breakdowns. More information on lift refurbishment.

Lift Refurbishment

Lift Repair

We provide comprehensive and professional solutions for lift repair. For lift repair we provide numerous maintenance contracts.

They include:

  • Standard lift maintenance contract - inspection of plant and when necessary, the submission of reports detailing observations and recommendations
  • Intermediate lift maintenance contract - includes services as per standard contract
  • Comprehensive lift maintenance contract - includes services as per intermediate contract and many other benefits such as two hour guaranteed response during working hours and one hour guaranteed response outside normal working hours
Lift Repair

New Lift Installation

We provide versatile and professional new lift installation services.

A turnkey project provides a comprehensive solution to the customer, including all building works associated with lift shafts and CDM project management, fully tested and ready to use upon delivery. This can be a tremendous advantage to the customer, since it eliminates the need for the customer to manage the project.

Time and resource intensive projects can seriously impair a company's ability to continue with normal business, since many more key people are necessarily engaged in working on the project. Therefore, using Sheridan Lifts to handle the project in its entirety preserves the company's time and resource for its business.

"...using Sheridan Lifts to handle the project preserves the company's time and resource for its business"
New Lift Installation

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