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Shjiazhuang Chentai Filter Paper Co., Ltd.

(1). With uninterrupted efforts over the past twenty years, the annual output capacity and production & sales volume of Chentai Filter Paper Co., Ltd. has ranked first in China and kept in front row among Asian countries.

(2).We have 5 production line, which can produce 70 tons of filter paper per day, to meet the heavy demand.We have been exported to over 30 countries aroud the world with good quality and reseanable price.

(3).We can provide various of filter paper,such as air filter paper, oil filter paper, fuel filter paper, phenolic air filter paper, phenolic oil filter paper, phenolic fuel filter paper,bypass filter paper,ball filter paper,crepe filter paper, single-side impregnation(snowflake)filter paper, non-flammable filter paper, air conditioner filter paper, filter paper for liquid filtering, composite filter paper,europe III standard filter paper specification, high-efficiency filter paper.

(4)The specification that we can produce:

1.Grammage: 100—280 G/M2
2.Thickness: 0.35--1.2 mm.
3.Air permeability: 50—1000 L/m2.s.
4.Corrugated Depth: 0.23--0.35mm.
5.Maximum Pore Size: 30--120 Micron.
6.Paper Type: Plain or Corrugated
7.Roll Width:76---2100mm
8. Color: Customized(Yellow, White, Pink& etc)

(5). Advantage of Our Automotive Filter Paper:

A  High precision and effectiveness for filtration

B. Large dust holding capacity

C. Great air permeability

D. Long service life

(6). We use high quality pure long fiber wood pulp imported from Sweden,US and Canada as our raw material .

(7). We can make the delivery time 15~20 days .

(8). We have past TS16949, the first one to get this certificate in filter paper industry in China.For more information,welcome to vsit our website:  

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