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Shop Display Systems Ltd aims to provide customer satisfaction in terms of quality and price, speed of delivery and peace of mind to buyers of display equipment.

Our intentions are that our products should be easy to use, easy to order and easy on the pocket.

We focus on providing the products that our name - Shop Display Systems - implies: products to display wares and promotional material.

It is important to us that the vast majority of our products are manufactured in the UK, allowing us to react quickly and also to monitor and maintain quality.

Our products, we believe, are stylish, easy to use, reliable and versatile. Our website is designed to be easy to use, to offer choices and to help you to see exactly what you are ordering.

Kits are easy-to-assemble kits and include poster holders, leaflet dispensers, shelving, signs and directories and media displays (LCD screens with integral media players).

We offer:

Free standing displays including banner and suspended display frames, dividing screens, upright, lay back and combination ladder displays

Suspended displays on wires (cables) and bars (rods) including poster holders, leaflet dispensers, shelving and 'snap' frames

Wall mounted displays including ladder displays, poster holders, leaflet dispensers, shelving and 'snap' frames

Table or desk top displays including acrylic ticket holders, leaflet dispensers, name plates, and menu holders.

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Captivating Design Trends of 2017

Captivating Design Trends of 2017


2017 is well underway, we have made it through the chilly temperatures of the British winter and slowly but surely getting closer to summery sunshine. (Let’s be realistic, it’s England.) We have discussed the importance of colour when advertising, but what use is colour without a cracking design to go with it!? Here are five elements of successful design for 2017.

We Can’t Get Enough of Colour

We have already devoted a post to colour, but we cannot leave out the impact on design it will have in 2017! The past few years has seen the popularity of sleek minimalist design using black and white, portraying clarity and elegance. This once powerful visual technique is almost exhausted by the multitude of brands imitating the trend. I believe contrasting colour combined with striking bold design will dominate the designs we see on a day-to-day basis.


The time we take to digest information is decreasing; statistically our attention span has dropped from twelve seconds to eight since 2000! A successful minimalist design utilises negative space, reducing unnecessary visual complexity to keep from overwhelming the viewer with unnecessary material. A high contrast design creates readable, engaging and efficient content. Make the message of your brand clear by reducing superfluous visual elements.

Solid Typography

A picture paints a thousand words, perhaps because we don’t have the attention span to read those words!?Contrasting colour combined with bold striking typography captures the interest of your audience whilst communicating your message. Shout your key message with the bold use of colour, design, and striking typography.

Bespoke Imagery

In a world of 7.5 billion humans, it is becoming increasingly difficult to be unique. The need for original images is of upmost importance to maintain authenticity. If relevant to your brand, introduce hand-drawn graphics to your design to personalise and humanise your company. Stop using stock images found on google, add originality to your brand by using an original image!

Motion Graphics

With more time and money being invested in digital advertising, moving graphics are perfect for attracting attention to your brand. Motion design is re-shaping the way we indulge in information. Visually, movement is how we characterise personality. Bringing your content to life utilises the technology we have in our hands, it demands attention from a wide audience and will show how modern your brand is!


In the coming months, we will see the increase of bold colours being used in design. We will continue to see captivating designs portrayed in a minimalist format. The use of animation and GIFs will dominate our news feed and alter the way we perceive information. Think about how you can apply these trends to your branding to ensure a visually successful 2017!

To cut to the chase and paraphrase to suit the modern attention span –
Shout your key message with the bold use of colour, design and striking typography.
Use contrasts and bespoke imagery to demand attention for your brand and to give it personality.
Don’t overdo it!

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