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Shop Display Systems Ltd aims to provide customer satisfaction in terms of quality and price, speed of delivery and peace of mind to buyers of display equipment.

Our intentions are that our products should be easy to use, easy to order and easy on the pocket.

We focus on providing the products that our name - Shop Display Systems - implies: products to display wares and promotional material.

It is important to us that the vast majority of our products are manufactured in the UK, allowing us to react quickly and also to monitor and maintain quality.

Our products, we believe, are stylish, easy to use, reliable and versatile. Our website is designed to be easy to use, to offer choices and to help you to see exactly what you are ordering.

Kits are easy-to-assemble kits and include poster holders, leaflet dispensers, shelving, signs and directories and media displays (LCD screens with integral media players).

We offer:

Free standing displays including banner and suspended display frames, dividing screens, upright, lay back and combination ladder displays

Suspended displays on wires (cables) and bars (rods) including poster holders, leaflet dispensers, shelving and 'snap' frames

Wall mounted displays including ladder displays, poster holders, leaflet dispensers, shelving and 'snap' frames

Table or desk top displays including acrylic ticket holders, leaflet dispensers, name plates, and menu holders.

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Striking Passion in Plastic

Striking Passion in Plastic

The Importance of a Thorough Introduction

It is two AM, I am host to some dreary not-ready-to-go-home-ers that are eager to eat pizza and fall asleep on my sofa. I walk into my living room and what do I see? Only a table top leaflet dispenser that resembles our own! I could not believe it, I had learned how to make one of these just days before, and now as if to taunt me, one has mysteriously appeared on my living room table. How had it got there!?

This then caused a fifteen-minute rant about un-polished edges and lazy folding, combined with puzzled faces as to why I knew so much about this usually mundane product. The passion was inspired through the GOYA (get off your arse) attitude of my recent employers.

Have you ever turned up to a job looking dapper and sophisticated, embraced the numerous firm (but not too firm) handshakes, been given a desk then left to your own devices? With a completely different introduction to a company than my previous roles, I spent a month getting involved with every aspect of the manufacturing process. Thus, giving me first-hand experience and understanding of not only the products manufactured on site, but also the culture and beliefs of the company.

By physically making the products I found a sense of ownership. I could have sat and researched each and every leaflet dispenser on the world-wide-web but without the GOYA attitude of creating the product, I would have never been able to passionately describe that folded piece of plastic to a room full of tired and confused individuals.

These introductions are crucial to a company that want to develop passionate employees who enjoy coming to work on a daily basis. We spend thirty percent of our lives working, be passionate about what you do!

To this day no one is able to explain the arrival date of the baffling table top leaflet dispenser.

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