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Shop Display Systems Ltd aims to provide customer satisfaction in terms of quality and price, speed of delivery and peace of mind to buyers of display equipment.

Our intentions are that our products should be easy to use, easy to order and easy on the pocket.

We focus on providing the products that our name - Shop Display Systems - implies: products to display wares and promotional material.

It is important to us that the vast majority of our products are manufactured in the UK, allowing us to react quickly and also to monitor and maintain quality.

Our products, we believe, are stylish, easy to use, reliable and versatile. Our website is designed to be easy to use, to offer choices and to help you to see exactly what you are ordering.

Kits are easy-to-assemble kits and include poster holders, leaflet dispensers, shelving, signs and directories and media displays (LCD screens with integral media players).

We offer:

Free standing displays including banner and suspended display frames, dividing screens, upright, lay back and combination ladder displays

Suspended displays on wires (cables) and bars (rods) including poster holders, leaflet dispensers, shelving and 'snap' frames

Wall mounted displays including ladder displays, poster holders, leaflet dispensers, shelving and 'snap' frames

Table or desk top displays including acrylic ticket holders, leaflet dispensers, name plates, and menu holders.

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The Curiosity of Colour

The Curiosity of Colour


Whilst paying for my food shop yesterday the cashier wished me a happy new year upon departure. Pardon? It is March, the meteorological calendar says we are in Spring, we are well and truly in 2017. This got me thinking about the trends of 2017, specifically colour.

COLOUR IS BACK. Please do not misinterpret my love of colour for a lack of appreciation in a beautifully sophisticated piece of design using predominantly black and white. Take Apple and their striking minimalist and captivating identity. 2017 has already seen the vast amount of colour branding new & existing companies, even the Nokia 3310 is making a comeback in an array of colours!

Colour is about identity and personality within a brand. Currently, there is a universal colour emotion guide for the psychology of colour through marketing and branding. Though I agree with the logic, I believe that colour is more dependent on personal experience.



EYE CATCHING! Red portrays passion, love and excitement. A strong and energising colour that can also depict anger and aggression. Perfect for capturing the attention of your audience!


Orange is an alluring colour that combines the power from red and the playfulness of yellow. A motivating colour that is often partnered with adventurous and exciting brands. BEWARE; orange can stimulate hunger, so make sure you have a sarnie at the ready when experimenting with this crazy colour.


A beautifully optimistic colour that is almost always used to portray happiness and joy. Yellow provides clarity and warmth, McDonald’s being a perfect example of the use of yellow in advertisement! Although, yellow is also used to portray caution; too much encourages overthinking and critical thoughts. Use it wisely!


I believe green is the most positive colour, portraying growth vitality and harmony. Though a darker shade of green is believed to depict wealth and materialism, I still support my belief of green representing health and natural living!


Ol’ trusty blue. Because who doesn’t trust Facebook? Blue is predominantly used in marketing for building relationships due to its popularity, a study revealed that 57% of men and 35% of woman said blue was their favourite colour. I am suddenly aware that I am wearing blue trousers, a blue watch, blue socks and even own a blue car..


Purple is often used to portray royalty but also mystery and spirituality. Combine the power from red and stability of blue, purple is perfect to illustrate creativity and imagination in a brand.


A soothing alternative to red, providing compassion with a sense of comfort. Pink is sensitive and romantic, which is why it is often used to portray femininity. 


Brown is interesting, perhaps not the most visually stimulating, it represents honesty, structure and support. An organic honest colour that may be perceived as boring and reserved if used in abundance.


Absent of all colour, black is perfect for providing bold statements. It is sophisticated and exclusive, pairing well with luxurious products. Black is a contrast of all things colour, which is why it also represents death and evil. Use black, if you dare..


White grants simplicity, innocence and purity. White creates balance and can be extremely effective to portray a neutral, equality message. Too much white, on the other hand; can lend itself to the feeling of isolation and emptiness.

Colour Lovers

Colour is a powerful tool when used wisely, it provides personality to your brand and characterises your product/service. Think of the colours your competitors use and how you perceive them. Take a look at your own brand, what do your colours say about you? Our SDS logo is maroon. A combination of red and purple, used to portray energy, excitement and passion!

Consider not only the colours you use in your design, but also the multiple possibilities of acrylic colours available to you! There is no right or wrong way to identify colours, so be experimentative and creative. Is it a coincidence that my stomach is screaming for attention as I sit here with orange post-it notes scattered across my desk?

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