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Shop Display Systems Ltd aims to provide customer satisfaction in terms of quality and price, speed of delivery and peace of mind to buyers of display equipment.

Our intentions are that our products should be easy to use, easy to order and easy on the pocket.

We focus on providing the products that our name - Shop Display Systems - implies: products to display wares and promotional material.

It is important to us that the vast majority of our products are manufactured in the UK, allowing us to react quickly and also to monitor and maintain quality.

Our products, we believe, are stylish, easy to use, reliable and versatile. Our website is designed to be easy to use, to offer choices and to help you to see exactly what you are ordering.

Kits are easy-to-assemble kits and include poster holders, leaflet dispensers, shelving, signs and directories and media displays (LCD screens with integral media players).

We offer:

Free standing displays including banner and suspended display frames, dividing screens, upright, lay back and combination ladder displays

Suspended displays on wires (cables) and bars (rods) including poster holders, leaflet dispensers, shelving and 'snap' frames

Wall mounted displays including ladder displays, poster holders, leaflet dispensers, shelving and 'snap' frames

Table or desk top displays including acrylic ticket holders, leaflet dispensers, name plates, and menu holders.

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What (not) to do at Exhibitions

What (not) to do at Exhibitions

Learning The Ropes

My colleague & I are somewhat new to the ever-changing world of POS exhibitions. Last week we were fortunate enough to attend the VM & Display Show at the Business Design Centre in Islington. We went with the intention of gaining understanding of the market and reviewing existing products and services, most importantly to be inspired by the whole exhibition experience.

It was a brilliant day, sun shining and a seemingly simple trip with only a few underground routes to manoeuvre. Being somewhat clueless with all things travel related, I relied heavily on my trusty mobile to navigate me through the busy streets of London.


I pride myself on being a fairly organised individual (so far that does not show), which is why I packed business cards, writing equipment and even a homemade lunch for the day ahead. Through all the transport and navigation, I seemed to have misplaced my bag. Resulting in no food, no pen, and most annoyingly, no business cards! Business cards are extremely convenient when networking at events, they are a brilliant way to exchange information when in a busy environment.

The second hiccup of the day came in the form of a low battery notification. With the plan to document the day via Twitter, the only way I was able to continue to take pictures was to put my phone on flight mode. An excellent feature that will prolong battery life if internet usage is not needed. The journey home was surprisingly straight forward…

Thankfully these mishaps did not disrupt the day too much and we were able to see and learn a lot. These are my five steps to a productive and beneficial exhibition experience:


Have a wander, see what catches your eye and what stands out. Be curious, do not limit your interest to the focus of relevant products to your company.


Review what aspects caught your eye and why, discuss the relevance to your company and what positives you can gain. If you’re going solo then this is perhaps kept to you and a notepad, as I am not sure how kindly security will take to somebody babbling alone in the corner.

Look Again

Go back, explore in more depth the stands that caught your attention.


Engage in conversation with as many people as you can. Learn things you did not understand before, educate yourself with all current trends and appreciate the talent and services offered by other companies.


We left the event inspired and full of ideas! Always remember to document the whole experience, reflect on what, why and how stands and displays worked well.

Whether your purpose is to exhibit, to buy, to get ideas for products, to review competitor offerings, to get ideas for exhibiting or to kill a few hours. Our number one tip: be prepared!

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